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Incorporation of Diversity - Research Paper Example

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As the paper outlines, in the current times, recruiting the employees is only task half-done, recruiting from diverse background appears to be a key necessity, as it will enable them to elevate their ethical image and importantly fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR)…
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Incorporation of Diversity
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Extract of sample "Incorporation of Diversity"

Download file to see previous pages Actualizing diversity is a welcome development, and many companies are able to manage the problems or criticism that could arise from the incorporation of diversity. This way, they are not only able to create a productive environment inside the organization but also able to create a positive image in its external environment. In addition, in those situations, the formation of common organizational culture can aid the management and its leaders to manage diversity. As common organizational culture will lead to the formation of common practices, rules, and work ethics, it could be helpful. Incorporation of Diversity Organization should have a diversified workforce to develop economically and also ethically, especially in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Every organization will have strategies focusing on the company’s growth as well as the employee’s growth. As both are interconnected, the growth of one hinges on the growth of another. But, the basic aspect is, for a company to develop, apt and qualified employees have to be recruited. Nowadays, that definition is slightly modified. In this changing world, it is necessary for the organization to recruit not only apt and qualified employees, but also recruit employees from different or diverse backgrounds. Brazzel (1991) defines “diversity in terms of human differences that play an important role in the culture and operation of organizations.” Recruitment of employees from diverse backgrounds will only give the desired results because that strategy will work optimally both in the organization’s interior environment as well as handle the issues that could arise in the external environment. There are also many companies that have adopted diversity programs in their recruiting process to actualize the diversified workforce. “It is in each company’s best interest to develop and incorporate elements of both Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility into its agenda because the challenges of the new millennium will, no doubt, requires an integrated approach to the issue of corporate ethics.” (Altham). Nike, the well-known manufacturer of athletic shoes and other sports-related apparel and equipment, has operations in more than 500 locations throughout the world, in close to 50 countries. “This company operates on six continents and employs around 23,000 people. Their suppliers, shippers, retailers and service providers employ close to 1 million people. The diversity inherent in such size is helping Nike evolve its role as a global company.” (Clark et al. 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing Diversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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