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Demonstrative Communication - Essay Example

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Demonstrative Communication Name: University: In order to understand demonstrative communication we must first understand what communication means. Communication, simply put, is the process that involves either sending or receiving a message. When communication takes place there is usually an exchange of ideas, information, thoughts and messages…
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Demonstrative Communication
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Download file to see previous pages As we have defined communication, we can now delve into the definition of demonstrative communication. A very simple definition of demonstrative communication is the communication that takes place without any use of words. It includes both unwritten and non-verbal communication. There are many components of demonstrative communication such as tone of voice, posture, gesture and most importantly a person’s facial expressions among others. In order to better understand demonstrative communication let us consider an example. Let’s suppose that Simon is an entrepreneur and has a business that manufactures and sells tires. One day while sitting in the office he receives a call that his import shipment of rubber from India has been delayed by a week because of bad weather and heavy monsoon rains in India. This is bad news and makes Simon angry. To vent his anger, Simon slams the phone receiver down and begins pacing his office, his shoulders drooped and a worried look on his face. Paula, his assistant, has some more bad news. She nervously walks to Simon’s office and knocks. Simon gives her a menacing look and beckons her to come in. Paula then tells him that the lucrative deal, he had been working on since last week, with a major car dealer could not get through and the dealer had sent a letter refusing his proposal this morning. Simon clenches his fists and in a restrained and tired voice tells Paula to leave him alone and not disturb him for the day. The above is a perfect example of demonstrative communication. Although not directly visible, we can infer from Simons actions (the drooped shoulders, slamming of the receiver, pacing the office, clenched fists), facial expression (menacing look) and tone of voice (restrained and tired) that he is very angry and worried after hearing the bad news. Demonstrative communication can be used along with verbal communication to convey one’s message more clearly. For example when greeting someone and saying ‘Pleased to meet you’ will be less effective than not only saying ‘Pleased to meet you’ but also shaking the other person’s hand warmly and giving them a smile that really shows we are pleased to meet them. Demonstrative communication can only be effective if both the verbal and non-verbal message convey the same meaning. For example if some uninvited guest comes to our place then we may greet them jovially however our facial expression may show that we are unhappy on the guests’ arrival. Demonstrative communication also proves to be ineffective when there are different interpretations of non-verbal communication in different countries. For example in Sri Lanka shaking one’s head from side to side means a yes and nodding of the head means a no (totally opposite from the American meaning), in China biting one’s nails is considered disgusting while in America it is looked upon as a sign of insecurity and nervousness (Morrison, Conaway & Borden 1972). Some examples of positive demonstrative communication include smiling, dressing neatly and jovial voice while negative demonstrative communication includes an aggressive tone and a frowning or scowling face. Demonstrative communication can be used to interpret other people’s behavior and using those interpretations to make our own responses. This involves observing and understanding people’s actions whilst they interact with you and then deciding on one’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Demonstrative Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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