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Business Intercultural Communication - Research Paper Example

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The paper aims to provide an understanding of the business communication-related variations that might be faced by IBM in order to successfully operate its production unit. It discusses the aspects such as communication style, business practices and business culture in the UK market…
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Business Intercultural Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Business intercultural communication is an effective tool for the organizations in order to achieve their objectives along with attaining various accomplishments with regard to performing the international business operations. The effective use of communication within the organization and identification of various cultural norms of the country of operation is the basic elements for the organizations in terms of trading on a global basis (US Department of State, “Intercultural Business Communication Tips”). Communication Style The verbal and non-verbal communications are the important aspects of conveying information. The communication style incorporated in the business activities in the UK can be considered as an explicit form of conveying information through utilizing both the verbal as well as non-verbal communication. The communication style employed in the UK has been observed as to be simple and uncomplicated while conveying any information to others. The sense of humor of the British people is also a major element in terms of making just about any proposal or in terms of the decision-making process. From the perspective of non-verbal communication, the British people are especially undemonstrative with regard to keeping their emotions concealed from other people by not making anyone uncomfortable for their own problem (s). The reserved nature among the people within the British culture highlights their respect to the person to whom they are communicating with (Kowol & Szumiel, “United Kingdom: communication, negotiations and cultural background”). With this concern of communication style that is followed by the British people are the major concerns for the IBM US employees. Therefore, it is important for the employees of IBM to make use of straightforward communication style along with using a minimum number of physical gestures. The undemonstrative nature of hiding the personal feelings is also an important element to be recognized by the IBM employees of the US in terms of communicating with the British people (Kowol & Szumiel, “United Kingdom: communication, negotiations and cultural background”). Business Culture in the UK Hofstede’s Model of Cultural Dimension Power Distance Index (PDI) The power distance index can be determined as a preliminary model in the approach of Hofstede’s cultural dimension. In this context, the index represents the value of hierarchical relationship along with admiration for the authorized person or group. The model refers to the measure of inequality that exists within the culture or country. With this concern, the UK scores low in this index and organizations in the UK believe in innovative and creative strategies rather than following the traditional business approach (Hofstede, “National Culture”). Individualism (IDV) The individualism dimension within the workforce can result in higher productivity along with providing strengths to each individual in a community. However, the high level of individualism dimension can bring about a poor connectivity or deficiency in interpersonal communication with people outside close friends or family members or groups. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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