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Intercultural Communication and International Business - Case Study Example

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The author of this case study under the title "Intercultural Communication and International Business" casts light on the various communication issues and challenges that a company faces when conducting business in foreign countries particularly in UAE. …
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Intercultural Communication and International Business
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Extract of sample "Intercultural Communication and International Business"

Download file to see previous pages This report looks at the influence culture has had on the world of business. The report closely examines the methodology used to conduct business between different companies with different origins of the country. The report focuses on the communication barrier that is caused due to the difference in the two cultures and the main issues that arise when conducting business. The report discusses the rules suggested when negotiating, the various phases of a negotiation and the steps that need to be followed while conducting business with organizations from different cultures. The report concludes stating that conducting business in a country according to the cultural norms of that country dramatically improves the chances of success. Foreword: With the concept of multinational business on the rise there is a need for many to effectively communicate with individuals from different parts of the world having different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. Organizations have to be prepared when they conduct business in different countries. Other than the rules and regulations of conducting business in a particular country the organizations have to bear in mind the various cultural routines that are practiced on a daily basis. Culture also plays a vital role in communication with foreign parties. Various symbols and colors have a different meaning in different cultures. Technological advancements have improved methods of multinational communication, but there are still some cultural issues that need to be addressed to conduct business in various countries.              
Aims: The main aim of this report is to discuss the various cultural and communication issues that arise while conducting business in different countries and particularly in the UAE. The report also aims to provide various approaches that can be made to ensure success within the business world of the United Arab Emirates. Introduction: Effective communication is important for an organization to function and perform day to day activities smoothly. The expansion of business to different geographic locations around the globe has brought new challenges for the business world. The difference in customs and languages causes difficulty in effective communication within an organization. Cross-cultural communication relates to an area of study that deals with communication between different individuals from a different cultural and ethnic background. The main issue that arises in cross-cultural communication is the different language being used in different countries. The second is proper advertising and understanding the targeted audience of a particular country. The third thing to consider would be the norms of the culture. Fourth would be their customs. Last would be the political influences within a country. These five factors should be addressed when conducting business overseas or when employing individuals from the different ethnic and cultural background. Issues: Language barrier is a term used to describe the difficulties people face when they do not have a common language to communicate. To counter the effects of the language barrier either one of the two parties or both have to learn a new language. The services of an interpreter can be sought during business meetings, but it is a costly option and can often lead to a lot of confusion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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