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Developing and Improving Skills to Achieve Success - Essay Example

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In the essay “Developing and Improving Skills to Achieve Success” the author expresses his desire to pursue a “Master’s Degree in Business Administration”. Over the past few years whilst studying International Business, he has recognized his strengths together with faults in different areas…
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Developing and Improving Skills to Achieve Success
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Extract of sample "Developing and Improving Skills to Achieve Success"

Download file to see previous pages Relative to my strengths, it is noteworthy that I am willing to work on them and improve on them sufficiently. I believe that proper training, exposing myself to useful literature and gathering self-belief and confidence in aspects, which I engage in would be instrumental My paramount objective is set upon my skills as I aim at pursuing a “masters in business administration”. I find myself in a position that requires me to apply various skills to attain success in my studies. Hence, my objective is to access diverse categories of resources that will improve my existing skills, develop new skills, and change my flaws to strengths. I plan to do this by demystifying the skills I possess, improving them and finding ways of nurturing the ones I do not possess. Next, I need to illustrate my flaws, put effort into the ways of turning them into strengths and useful skills. As I mentioned earlier, I have already identified all the skills, both weak and strong skills, and in two years’ time, I strongly believe I will achieve my objective. I am a fast learner and two years period is ample time for me to achieve my goals and put my skills to test. The following are my skills, both weak and strong, how I intend to improve on them and their usefulness in my life. Communication skill Communication is the act of transmitting information from one person to the other through different mediums. Communication needs qualities that act as a measure of how efficient one is in transmitting information to other people. I consider the communication skill as one of my strong points. Whilst undertaking my course on international business, I was exposed to different resources on the contact procedure. International business involves people from different regions and different cultures participating in the same business. In order to do so successfully, communication is a key skill that comes to play. This is because different people have different cultural beliefs and different ways of communication. Hence, when one is communicating with different people one needs to learn about their culture. In my quest to achieve my objective, I plan to improve my communication skills in various ways. One is by structuring my thoughts; in turn, I will be able to transmit verbally, well-structured information to the recipient (Barker 2010). Another area of interest that needs improvement to achieve a better communication skill is making better observations. In turn, this will enable me to develop confidence in what I say thus communicate efficiently. Regular summary processes on aspects, which I need to communicate is a way of improving my communication skills; furthermore, it saves time. I will develop my communication skills by improving the constituting factors thus enhancing success (Condrill and Bough 1999). Number skill The number skill is crucial in diverse societal processes making it crucial as an individual intends to address diverse stipulated goals. Apparently, one of my flaws becomes manifest in Mathematics; I am poor in the discipline but one of my goals is to improve on my weaknesses and turn them into strengths, I will strategically develop my mathematics skill and use it in the future. Mathematics is a useful discipline when it comes to the study of the master’s in business administration; hence, it is one of my objectives to develop the skill (Nolting 2011).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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