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Employment Relations in Australia - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Introduction Australian employment relations system has become more and more unitaristic especially in the last three decades. Unitarism is a state which has led to conditions of inequality among the workers and the employment relations have eventually deteriorated…
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Employment Relations in Australia
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"Employment Relations in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages In addition to this, the trade unions are deemed not to be of necessity as this would bring conflicts which are a vise and would bring disruptions. From the perspective of the employees, they should be multi skilled, flexible and should focus on improvement of business processes. Their efficiency is required to de full time in every field that they may be required to work in. The unions that are to be recognised are only those which are going to further communication between staff groups and the company but not for fighting of rights and seemingly propaganda. In addition to this, good relations and decision making participation is enabled and this is done to improve performance, enhance innovativeness, promote creativity and this is expected to improve the conditions of employment. The conflicts in an organisation are in this believed to emanate from inadequacy on the communication of management policies and information lack The unitaristic approach in Australia is more fictitious as it assumes that the employees will have a common interest with that of the organisation and the employers and that is to focus on achieving maximum results, following company’s policies and adhering to their goals under all conditions. This opposes the thought propounded by Moore and Gardner on managerial prerogative, the validity of unitary in Australia is in question as the theory is only a lie that lies in the heart of HRM philosophy. The insistence on maintenance of a unitaristic state in organizations has gone far and wide to creating tensions in work places and is even believed that the employees no longer work out of good will, but out of lacking an alternative and have to bear the burden of following that which most of them do not believe in. and although they are involved in the decision making process, their interests do not supersede those of the organization and are therefore subordinate to them. Whenever there has been any tendency of formation of unions, measures have been taken, first to deal with those involved and then with disintegrating the unions as demonstrated by Plowman, David H. (2005) in Recruitment strategies and union exclusion in two Australian call centers. The result which is a case of inequality has led to controversies far reaching even to the policy makers who have not taken it to be a serious case. Their argument is that for a case where growth and development has occurred, this should not be taken as a problem but an avoidable circumstance. Inequality in itself is not a state of poverty, but it’s a situation where equal efforts are not rewarded the same to different employees. It is seen more to be way of discriminating between parties for one reason or the other, either as a punishment or it may go too far to be a bit personal where even benefits and bonuses are involved. This may take different forms; due to race, gender, age, ethnicity, or as a way to let one learn a lesson in obedience to a certain powerful external force. Discussion There has been means in which this has evolved over time, most of which has been innovative and varied over time. For instance, the workplace relationships and awards have shifted from being centralised to being decentralised and the joint negotiations, agreements and awards to being individualised, the permanent contracts on jobs are no longer applicable as contingent working environments have taken their place. This has diminished the collective bargaining ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employment Relations in Australia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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