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Comparative Approaches in Employment Relations - Assignment Example

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Employment Relations refers to the way in which the employer and the employees relate with one another. It involves the set rules and regulations that…
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Comparative Approaches in Employment Relations
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Download file to see previous pages termines the country’s labor force and the rate of either employment or unemployment is equally dependent on this vital body in a country’s structure (Bamber, Lansury and Wailes, 2011, 61). The employment relations, also cuts across the way in which the employees are treated by the government and their employers. It also stipulates the way in which the employees can fire their grievances and the rights and privileges entitled to them. However, the HRM and the ER vary from country to country depending on the development status of the nation. It is determined by various factors that hold the country’s GDP and economic status of a country Bamber (2011, 112).
Basing our comparison between two nations of different economic status, therefore, it is important to narrow our discussion on Nations of two different classes. That is a developed country and a low developed country or rather an underdeveloped country (Barry, 2011, 91). To begin with, a developed country is a country in which it is has fully or effectively utilized its existing natural resources and whose per capita income is relatively high and most of its citizens are able to acquire or live according to the trends of standards of living. On the other hand, an underdeveloped country is one which has not utilized its existing natural resources, and the level of standards of living is low. The GDP of such a country is too low, and the per capita income is also too low. To consider and compare the HRM and ER in such countries has a number of factors to consider.
In a developed country such as Australia, which has a stable economy and a high GDP, the human resource management is well established. Australia is known to be the twelfth nation in the economic power as far as GDP is concerned as well as total wealth of 6.4 trillion dollars. It has a population which is approximately 23.13 million, and the labor force is approximately 12.15 million. In such a country, the levels of employment are high. In such a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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