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The Knowledge Creating Company: Ikujiro Nonaka - Essay Example

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The Knowledge Creating Company- Ikujiro Nonaka Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Body 3 Application 4 Critical Evaluation 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 Introduction Business Corporations around the world are endeavoring to compete with each other to gain supremacy in the identical product or service business…
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The Knowledge Creating Company: Ikujiro Nonaka
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Download file to see previous pages Henceforth the managers must encourage the people to take potential decisions on their own and share the knowledge gained from such with others. This process would certainly help in the development of organizational productivity in the long run (Nonaka, 1995, p.1-2). Body Ikujiro Nonaka in the article ‘The Knowledge Creating Company’ clearly reflects on the knowledge cycle upon which the knowledge based organizations performs. The author cites that the knowledge based organization generally operates on four parts of the cycle of knowledge wherein firstly the individual endeavors to gain experience or enhance his or her knowledge emerging out of a business need. Such individual then endeavors to transform the knowledge gained from an external source into the business process of the organization. Further such knowledge imbued into the business process also runs the test of time as the organizational people endeavor to modify the knowledge gained to deliver more sophisticated products or services in the future. Finally in the fourth case it is found that the modifications made by the people if turned out to be productive would serve as future knowledge resources for the organization. To this end, the author cited an example of Matushita Electric Company based in Osaka which initially faced trouble in the innovation of a bread-making instrument. Ikuko Tanaka an employee of the concern to this end endeavored to gain the knowledge of bread making process of Osaka International Hotel and used such for the making of a productive machine. Further examples of development of Honda Civic are stated which had its birth from only a visionary concept which was then guided by the middle level management team of the company to produce the vehicle for the urban climate. Thus spreading of knowledge gained in a business organization is important with the proper coordination of employee groups. Similarly having let the knowledge imbued in the business process operations must be conducted to internationalize such by keeping in mind the needs of the external society in relation to the vision envisaged beforehand (Nonaka, 1995, p.5-8, Leibold, Probst, and Gibbert, 2007, p.193-194). Application The paper on Knowledge Management authored by Ikujiro Nonaka helps to draw a deep and meaningful insight into the business and operational process of Japanese firms thriving to exist based on the knowledge potential. The paper herein helps the reader to understand the cognitive cycle of the business organizations which helps in analyzing the knowledge process in use by the knowledge firms. Further the paper also helps in to draw meaningful insight in the manner in which the managers of such knowledge organizations help in disseminating such knowledge among the people of the different hierarchies and encourages the front line people to render potential feedbacks. These feedbacks in turn would help the review of such knowledge gained and make needed modifications to such helping it to stand the test of times. Several terms used in the paper like ‘internationalization’ and ‘socialization’ of knowledge gained further develops the interest of the reader as to how the knowledge drained in is gradually absorbed and modified by the internal people and made useful in meeting the needs of the concern. I do agree with Ikujiro in regards to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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