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Information Technology and Knowledge Management - Dissertation Example

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This essay declares knowledge which is bursting from all corners virtually in every second and all life segments are undergoing drastic changes as time goes on. IT is one area in which new knowledge is emerging out rapidly. Knowledge management is becoming a big problem in IT…
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Information Technology and Knowledge Management
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Extract of sample "Information Technology and Knowledge Management"

Download file to see previous pages As the research stresses information technology is one field in which KM plays an important role in the making or breaking of a company. It should be noted that all IT companies are striving for KM to increase their competitive power and brand value in the heavily competitive IT business world. No It company can survive in this world without updating their knowledge. In fact, the ability to update knowledge works positively in the development of an IT company. This paper analyses the literature to know more about the importance of knowledge management in Information technology industry.
According to the report findings Boisot model of KM depend on three factors; codification, abstraction, and diffusion. “Codification refers to the way we make use of explicit knowledge. In a general formulation, codification is a process by which we create conceptual categories that facilitate the classification of events and phenomena”. Dalkir mentioned about the management of information and data in Boisot model. He has pointed out how Boisot model distinguishes information from data. “Information is what an observer will extract from data as a function of his or her expectation or prior knowledge. Effective knowledge sharing requires that senders and receivers share the context as well as the coding scheme”. In Boisot model of KM, the abstraction dimension is linked to knowledge creation through analysis and understanding whereas diffusion is linked to information access and transfer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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