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Vani Aparna Chavali 26 September 2011 Individual Wellness Journal 1. Stress Level Test My score on Holmes-Rahe stress test stands at 217, which points to 50% susceptibility to sickness. I came to understand that changes in my lifestyle, consequent from new work and financial status, resulted in the stress factor…
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Individual Wellness Journal / Individual Wellness Plan
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Download file to see previous pages My mediocrity in terms of being less competitive and aggressive put me into this category. Strong belief in steadiness, rather than speed helped me balance my lifestyle and contributed to the calm personality. Still, idleness is a stressor. 3. Three Stages of Stress My realisation that I am not yet promoted to the next level of hierarchy has resulted in tension, six months ago. The interview which I failed to get through further worsened the situation. I was depressed and grew restless, pondering on the interviewer’s comments. I was angry with him. Though, I never expressed these signs of alarm to anyone, the more I tried to ignore these thoughts, the more they haunted me. I lost interest for everything and days went by mechanically. I felt low on my confidence levels. Finally, all the stress has resulted in frequent headaches and hyper-active bowel movements. The knowledge of 3 stages of stress re-oriented my way of tackling situations of stress. I will not try to contain but express the feelings of alarm. Rather than withdrawal or acting to be indifferent, I shall share the thoughts with my family, which de-stresses me and helps me avoid the third stage, i.e., exhaustion. 4. Workplace Stress Workplace stress is of common occurrence and to some extent, it promotes efficiency. My optimum level has to be worked out and I should learn to maintain such level on a daily basis. Feeling trapped in expectations of people both from my family and workplace is the primary stressor. My promotion which is long overdue, role ambiguity and work overload are the other concerns resulting in stress due to official reasons. I work overtime, which leaves me little or no time for personal life. This is yet another stressor. All these have resulted in loss of interest in work and frequent headaches and other symptoms of illness. I need to discuss these issues with the supervisor and work towards resolving them. I have to plan my non-work related schedules such as holiday trips. 5. Taking Responsibility for your own stress: This exercise and study about owning and tackling stress enlightened me on journalising and charting stressors and tackling with them smartly, rather than bottling all that life gives me. (Weekly Stress Journal for two weeks, Stress Chart and Top 8 Stressors included as appendix I, II & III). First of all, zeroing on the primary stressors eases diagnosis of its repercussions at an early stage, which is work in my case. I need to balance work and play, seek professional counselling, discuss promotion issues with supervisor and learn to say ‘no’ when necessary. Following exercise and fitness regimen, complemented with a balanced diet facilitate in releasing my stress and keeping it at ideal levels. 6. Reducing Stress through Biofeedback, Mindfulness and Meditation Based on the reading, I don’t think I have been enough mindful. When I am doing something, my mind and thoughts are not there. They would have either already leaped into the future thinking about the consequences of my work or in the past, when I faced problems in accomplishing the task or the other activities that I need to perform. Mindfulness teaches one to enjoy and experience the present, rather than letting oneself wander psychologically. It is important because mindfulness wards off stress carried by the time and task overloads one may feel and it curtail fear about outcomes. I practiced breathing, walking and ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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