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Assignment 4: ipad security breach - Essay Example

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iPad Security Breach Over the past few years, there have been tremendous changes in information and technology (IT). This includes the development of gargets that are more advanced and are stylistic as well. This is indicated by their increased applications despite being reduced in size to increases their portability…
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Assignment 4: ipad security breach
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Download file to see previous pages Despite these benefits, users of such gadgets face security threats touching on the confidentiality of their accounts as a result of malicious hacking into IT systems. Hacking into a Web site, a real-world case involving a known company It is never justifiable to hack into a Web site belonging to an individual or a company. This is because such an action leads to unauthorized access of information of a company or its customers. The cumulative effect of this is fear and embarrassment to businesses. Fear results from the potentialities that such hackers could pose as the company and conduct an illegal parallel business or post compromised notices to its website or customers. Hacking into the website of a company also brings fear among their customers and in worse situations the withdrawal of these customers. This finally reduces business for the organization. Hacking could also result to psychological torture to the customers of the company for fear that some of their confidential information has been revealed. The situation is worse if the hacking involves high-ranking people in the society and the group responsible for the hacking is a media company. This is because of the fear that such information will be availed to the public and compromise their personal image or even critical national matters like security. Generally, the action amounts to a security breach. A breach in a company’s security through hacking and it potential effects were witnessed when a group named Goatse Security obtained the subscriber data for many iPad owners. In this situation, the victim was Apple company and its affected customers included politicians, government officials, a top military officer, popular corporate officers, many other important and famous people. It also included accounts for companies in the technology industry like Microsoft, Amazon, AOl, Microsoft and thousands of other iPad owners (Tate, 2010 a). Tate (2010 a) states that data given by Goatse Security indicates that over 114,000 user accounts were compromised as a result of the hacking. In the above case the information exposed included the e-mail addresses and network ID’s. According to CNN News (June 10, 2010), the security breach was as a result of a security hole in AT&T’s network and it occurred as Goatse Security to exploited vulnerabilities of this network. AT&T was made aware of the breach and the security hole was closed. The above scenario has a potential of straining and even breaking ties between business partners. In this situation, Apple has remained silent over the issue leaving its partner AT&T to fight to contain the damaged public relations (PR) and to apologize for the mishap. This is because the problem resulted from AT&T operating the server without strong security controls. Victimised businesses/organisations are forced to use a lot of resources to win the trust of their customers once again. According to Tate (2010 b), AT&T had to fight to stop the spread of iPad fear among iPad owners. A corporate ethics statement for a computer security firm that would allow or encourage activities like hacking In the process of running its business operations, no firm is authorized to threaten the safety and confidentiality of the customers of another firm, directly or indirectly. Importance of social responsibility by organizations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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