IPad's Security Breach - Assignment Example

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Full Paper Title Name University Organized Hack A website of an organization named as ‘Square Enix’ was expansively penetrated by a group of expert hackers on May 13 2011. The fundamental objective of ‘Square Enix’ is to hire skillful software developers, testers and creative thinkers to work on different projects related to game development…
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IPads Security Breach
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Download file to see previous pages We immediately took the sites offline to assess how this had happened and what had been accessed, then took further measures to increase the security of these and all of our websites, before allowing the sites to go live again" News | SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS (n.d.) However, servers that were preserving archives correlated to e-commerce transactions and credit cards were not interconnected to the website. Moreover, candidates have uploaded their resumes to ‘Square Enix’ for job considerations were also pilfered. Hackers can now trade and sell information present in the resumes, as educational background, home address and contact numbers, interest, hobbies, references etc. are exposed. Conversely, organization denied the fact that only one email address was leaked during the hack. Moreover, organization also stated that the website was equipped with latest and most updated web security architecture. An employee from an organization justified this fact as “We take the security of our websites extremely seriously and employ strict measures, which we test regularly, to guard against this sort of incident” Square Enix admits to Deus Ex website hacks. (n.d.). The statement given by the concerned personnel of an organization was not credible as the security breach clearly demonstrated loopholes in their security architecture. One more incident related to website hacking took place in which some particular areas of the website were breached. The name of the website was daily Telegraph. It was hacked by Romanian hackers. Moreover, the areas that were hacked includes pages named as ‘Short Breaks’ and ‘Wine and Dine’ respectively. There are still no answers for the hacking incident that was conducted by these hackers. The methodology and technology that was used to attack the site was not found. A researcher named as Chris Boyd illustrated description of the pages that were hacked. The contents of the page were “sick of seeing garbage like this … calling us Romanians gypsies” (Daily telegraph website hacked by aggrieved Romanians, n.d.). The survey concluded and justified the real world factors related to website hacking, as it has its own place in the field of hacking. In order to protect websites from vulnerabilities and threats, security measures are required. Moreover, websites providing e-commerce services are even more vulnerable and require most updated security controls in place. 1 Ethics Statement Hacking is a process that is implemented to explore a security imperfection that has not been reported earlier. Mostly, information security specialists take hacking as a concept of stealing and destroying data or any incident related to criminal activities. However, hacking exemplifies skills of an individual to exhibit his knowledge on the network domain, as well as on the application domain. Research and development in terms of information security is evaluated due to hacking and security loop holes (Introduction to computer ethics n.d.). One view of hacking is to be acquiescent, as a good cause is to strengthen the security architecture. However, the second view of hacking has the capacity to facilitate individuals to steal highly confidential information from servers located in organization as well as stealing funds by credit cards and bank account, therefore, giving a major business loss to an organization. Hacking ethics are important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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