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IPad's Security Breach - Essay Example

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Running Head: iPad’s SECURITY BREACH AT&T‘s iPad’s Security Breach [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction In June 2004, Apple suffered an embarrassment when a security breach exposed personal details of its iPad’s owners, among them influential politicians, businessmen, corporate CEOs, and the U.S military (Tate, 2011)…
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IPads Security Breach
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Download file to see previous pages Subsequent to this breach of AT&T’s security, a lot of security issues have since arisen for the firm and other computer security firms. In addition, many interested parties have questioned the justification of hacking activities as well as the role of ethical statements and policies of computer security firms, which promote activities such as website hacking. This paper explores the subjects of the possibility of the justification of hacking, computer security firms’ ethics that promote hacking, and the social responsibilities of media firms such as Gawkers Media LLC. Justification of Hacking into Websites Most hackers state that they hack into websites not as criminals but as interested parties seeking to identify flaws in computer systems or reveal certain information. By hacking, they claim, it becomes possible for computer security firms to prevent or rectify any damaging security leaks. However, due to the side effects of hacking and the damages it causes to computer firms’ images and business, questions have a risen on the issue of justification for hacking and activities. While others insist that hacking can never be justifiable, others believe it is a justifiable practice, depending on the reasons for which it is done (Harper’s Forum, 1999). ...
peoples’ data worldwide, hackers believe they compel these companies to ensure that they have tamperproof systems that keep their clients’ data confidential. Therefore, hackers are watchdog for the public on the security weaknesses of technology firms. Hacking is thus justifiable since it addresses the vulnerabilities inherent in technology products that expose clients’ confidential information (Harper’s Forum, 1999). Hacking could also be justifiable if its exposes illegal political activities by discredited groups. In addition, hacking may be justified if it reveals certain publicly important information, which the public is denied by governments, organizations, or politicians. Importantly, hackers reveal malpractices and criminal activities that may be happening without the knowledge of the public and the law enforcement agencies. That is, when a hacker discovers the criminal operations of certain individuals or organizations and such reports are sent to law enforcers, that hacking is certainly justified since it benefits the society and does not harm the public or any private person in any way (Harper’s Forum, 1999). Various factors have been found to promote hacking activities. Among these factors are the various ethical statements by computer security firms. Corporate Ethics Statement That Promote Hacking The ethical issue regarding the freedom to access information is perhaps the number one motivator of hackers to indulge in their activities. In fact, the ethic on which hackers justify their actions is that they investigate issues, allowing every individual in the society to gain information and knowledge on the various hidden issues affecting their lives (Ermann, 1997). Once a corporate computer firm issues ethical statements that emphasize the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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IPad's Security Breach

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