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Leading Linklaters to Its Goal through Training and Development - Essay Example

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Leading Linklaters to Its Goal through Training and Development Outline I. Company Background II. Training Needs Analysis III. Training Plan IV. Training Aim, Objectives and Motivation V. Training Design VI. Assessment I. Company Background Linklaters is a global law firm with its main headquarters in London…
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Leading Linklaters to Its Goal through Training and Development
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Download file to see previous pages In 2010, Linklaters was reported to rank fourth instead ( 2010), exchanging places with B&M, a U.S. competitor. The decline in revenue implies a gap in the performance of Linklaters firms. II. Training Needs Analysis Linklaters has identified that in order to retain its previous position in the industry, it has to improve on building relationships that endure through business cycles. In accordance to this, the firm determines its need to constantly focus on their clients, deeply understand the global market, be globally minded and committed while showing integrity in the way employees and lawyers interact with the communities they serve. The training to be provided would involve all employees and lawyers within the Linklaters firms. In consideration of the different roles they play in the organisation, separate trainings will be provided to emphasise best practices of customer care in each unit. III. Training Plan A strong presence in the global market practically requires an organization to be customer-focused. The satisfaction of returning customers can help spread the good word to attract new customers to the services of the firm. In addition, new or first-time customers should develop a good impression of the firm to ensure satisfaction and increase referrals. John (2003) identifies that a customer-focused firm has an intimate knowledge of its customers. Customer intimacy helps to provide superior customer value or operational excellence. Likewise, it allows improvement of customer value, thus leading to the attainment of product leadership. The effort to achieve customer intimacy and product excellence serves as ‘a guiding element in corporate strategy and performance’ (208). The corporate structure of Linklaters suggests the need for a common ground in customer-focused practices. The training to be conducted would yield a list of best practices for each unit of lawyers and employees in countries around the globe where Linklaters has its presence. Establishing best practices for customer care would strengthen the corporate identity of the firm and promote better global corporate performance. IV. Training Aim, Objectives and Motivation A. Aim The training aims to promote the use of best practices to improve customer intimacy and corporate identity. B. Learning Outcomes By the end of the training, the participants will be able to: A. Emphasise the importance of customer intimacy among employees and lawyers B. Identify best practices of customer service in each department/unit to promote a common corporate identity among partner firms C. Show camaraderie among members of the community to help in cascading customer intimacy D. Establish means and procedures for evaluating customer satisfaction and intimacy. C. Motivation The motivation of the training is goal orientation. In the first part of the training, the facilitator will explain to the participants the goal of the company and the reason for conducting the training. V. Training Design A. Introduction Participants will introduce themselves and mention their role in their respective departments. B. Content Lecture: What are Best Practices? A short lecture will be conducted by the facilitator to define best practices and their significance in an organisation. This sets the mind of the learners to understand that best practices are important in an organisation especially global firms like Linklaters. Importantly, the short lecture will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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