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Harwich International Ports Business Model - Essay Example

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The effects of globalisation are quite evident in the world economy. Not only the product manufacturing and marketing sectors are affected by globalisation, but also the service sector has been strongly influenced by globalisation (Hufbauer & Warren, 1999). …
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Harwich International Ports Business Model
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Download file to see previous pages Experts noted that a major change caused by the influence of globalisation was the integration of services with the national as well as international service industries. The fact can be by further observed in the international transport sector comprising of airways, roadways, railways, and even waterways (UNESCAP, n.d.). It is stated to be the rising competition in the global market structure that acts as a major influencing element in the integration of the international port services. Moreover, the continuous changes occurring in the global industry also influence the port service providers to re-evaluate the adopted competitive strategies periodically (The World Bank, n.d.).
Integration in terms of modernisation rewards with various opportunities and significant scopes to the industry players such as enhanced competency, profitability, market share that in turn contributes to the overall growth of the port(s). Few of the common strategies implemented by the ports in order to stimulate the process of modernisation and integration are related to the restructuring of corporate governance, cost structure re-evaluation, and infrastructural development (European Sea Ports Organisation, 2011). With the purpose of empirically scrutinising the fact, the paper will concentrate on the integration strategies implemented by Harwich International Port with due consideration to its strategic effectivity and limitations. 2.0 Harwich International Port’s Business Model Harwich International Port is one of the most significant ports on the eastern coast of England. It was established in the 19th century and since then it has served the industry as a reliable deep-water harbour. Till the year 1883, the port served passengers from England, Belgium, and Netherlands with its strategies solely concentrated on the expansion of the then business model. Presently, the port operates as a linkage with Germany as well as Scandinavia along with the other countries of the European Continent. It had been acquired by the Hutchison Port Holdings Group in 1998 and thus implements the strategic vision of the group to define its business model (Harwich International Port Limited, 2005). The strategies implemented by the port largely depend on its strategic mission and corporate vision. For instance, the mission of the organisation concentrates on the overall development of its logistic services, operations and the efficiency in terms of port services. The determined vision statement of the organisation also supports the fact by providing considerable significance to the aspect of efficiency in the services rendered by the port. In this regard, the adopted strategies by the organisation intended to enhance the performance of the port with the assistance of innovative solutions along with long-term continuation of effective customer relationship (Harwich International Port Limited, 2010). To be precise, the company offers a wide range of services to its customers, i.e. shippers and passengers. The services provided by the port include RoRo, Passenger, Cruise, Container, Liquid Bulk and Dry Bulk (Harwich International Port Limited, 2010). The organisation is further diversified in providing services through rail operations. The port also emphasises on other various strategies. They are: Lock-free maintenance Multi-disciplinary system High quality training and development to the employees Continuation of working hours for seven whole days Investment in the development of the services rendered by the port Continuous diversification through the integration of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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