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Port And Shipping Logistics - Essay Example

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The power "Port and Shipping Logistics" describes that Instead of directly transporting cargo from one point to another it utilizes transshipment to offer cost benefits through better utilization of the factors of time and economies of scale. …
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Port And Shipping Logistics
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Download file to see previous pages Shipping is also not restricted to the availability of infrastructure on the seas as ships ply on shipping lanes on the seas that are merely imaginary lines drawn on the seas. Air transportation is also free from any infrastructure requirements, but the volume of freight that can be handled is extremely limited. In essence, the difference between shipping and other forms of transport is the flexibility that shipping offers in that it can carry small and very large volumes of freight across all seas and oceans. In these times when pollution and global warming come to the fore, the comparison of the various forms transportation in this regard is also useful. Road transport is the most polluting and the largest contributor to global warming of any form of transportation. Air transport is next in line with regard to pollution and contributing to global warming, while rail transport is the least polluting. It is only shipping that contributes to global cooling because the gases that emitted by shipping like SO2 and NOX are positive coolants. Therefore increased shipping does not pose pollution or global warming issues. The hub and spoke logistic model is cost-effective for moving small volumes of goods to and from locations through consolidation and transshipment. Short shipping offers the means of reaching goods to any port in a region by the use of small shipping vessels, thereby creating new opportunities for shipping to minimize road haulage, with the difficulties, are faced in the transportation of goods by road. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Port And Shipping Logistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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