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Adaptive E-commerce System - Literature review Example

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This review 'Adaptive E-commerce System' says that the coming of technology and the advent of the World Wide Web and the internet has made modern business more lucrative is a fact that none can deny. As technology leads the pace on globalisation and join the whole together into a common platform…
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Adaptive E-commerce System
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Extract of sample "Adaptive E-commerce System"

Download file to see previous pages Most of these differences arise with differing framework of what e-commerce constitutes. For example quote (year) looked at e-commerce from the perspective of buying and selling and stated that e-commerce covers all industries where the processes of buying and selling is performed over electronic systems. Quote (year) on the other hand viewed e-commerce from the perspective of what is done with a company’s website. To this end, all activities that promoted the regulation of business, whether it involved selling and buying or not formed e-commerce. Examples of such activities were named to include optimization of traffic from search engines, generation of sales and interaction with customers through an online platform. Regardless of the differences in framework for defining e-commerce however, there is one thing that runs through and that is the fact that some level of business that takes place over an electronic medium.
As part of the purpose of the study, the literature review is being conducted as a major secondary data collection exercise that will be used to collect data to address the specific objectives. From the background of the study, it would be noted that there is great regard for adaptive e-commerce. This means that the researcher shall approach the literature from a perspective that limits the scope of review to adaptive e-commerce system. This is because of the position held by the researcher that even though e-commerce as a generalised concept of modern business has the potential of opening great doors for companies, there is the need to optimise the outputs of e-commerce. By optimisation, reference is being made to any creative process that ensures that service users are able to have an advantage on the use of e-commerce over their competitors. Meanwhile, quote (year) made claim to the effect that with the competitiveness of the modern global economic environment, it is important that business operators have a means to personalizing their target market and customers. This way, they will be able to offer tailored customised and user-based services and products to customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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