Palm Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model - Essay Example

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Palm Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model.
The primary job of the management of organizations is to make the organizations function effectively. Understanding the behavior of individuals is both challenging and difficult. …
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Palm Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model
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Download file to see previous pages Thus managing large organizations which comprises of thousands of individuals and numerous groups is a mind boggling issue. This project tries to explore the performance and outputs of Palm Inc. and the way it operates to achieve its goals. The performance is measured at three different levels, organizational level, group level and individual level. Finally the project seeks to identify if the interactions of these outputs are congruent and whether the congruency is high, medium or low. Performance Analysis at three levels Organizational Level The major goal of the company is to design and create the latest technology that helps to attain the highest productivity. The company undertakes extensive research on the emergent merging technologies which enabled people to work in a comfortable and portable manner and while on move. The company uses its high end technological research and expertise for designing of the portable electronics, which are compatible, fast and better for offering their clients the convenience, speed and also compatibility. The products include computer like enhanced features which enables clients to use them with their computers or for performing computer-based functions. Such products can be considered to be organizational outputs of Palm. However, it must be noted that the company uses its research groups extensively for production and creation of such technologies. This also involves individual output of efforts of each and every person who are involved within the functional groups charged with design and production. The group design and research of electronics and also the accompanying software is considered to be one of the greatest group outputs from Palm Inc. (Nadler, Tushman & Hatvany, 2007, p.3). Group Level The company’s research groups are worth mentioning in this context. Palm Inc. employs extensive functional groups for attaining its goals and objectives. There are about 65,000 developers who are involved with the company and works on company’s software applications. The research work and development activities which have gone into the functioning of the organization have been effective in increasing its output by about ten times within a span of one year. Palm also intends to increase the number of users of its products by a large extent. In order to achieve this purpose a huge sales force is used for the same. Palm intends to increase its number of users from 6 million by more than 75% of the market. Palm also uses selling mediums like the internet, wireless channels, online stores etc. (Palm-a, 2010).This would amount to more than 60 million numbers of users. In order to make this possible the company has employed a large sales team which is responsible for developing and expanding the present market (Info World, 2000, p.77). The company has also aligned with the leading providers of the mobile field sales solutions (Palm, 2000, p.1). Palm was able to ship a total amount of 823,000 smart phones units during the first quarter of 2010, which represented a 134% increase from the last quarter of fiscal year of 2009. Individual Level One of the primary requirements of the company would be an experienced research team which would focus on the creation of advanced level technologies and solutions to cater the user’s requirements. Moreover, a sales team would responsible for expanding on the present market of the company. Most importantly the team of software engineers and developers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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