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Analysis of the role of any functions: Strategic Management Approach, Performance Management - Assignment Example

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With reference to relevant ICHRM theoretical and research material, critically analyse the role of any two functions from the four given below a) Strategic Management Approach to Human Resource Management b) Performance Management Table of Content: 1-Introduction: 2-Literature Review: Scope of Performance management: Cognitive model of Performance management: Expatriates factors: Strategic Management in the context of Human Resource Management: Strategic management model: 3- Strategic management model: Holistic approach: Mobility Pyramid: Motivational Factor: Roles definition: 4-Observations and findings: 5-Conclusion: Questionnaire: References: Introduction: Since the middle of 20th century,…
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Analysis of the role of any functions: Strategic Management Approach, Performance Management
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Download file to see previous pages This has enabled further broadening of the scope of H.R.M; however it at the same time requires certain modifications and adaptations since domestic H.R.M varies greatly from the international Human Resource management (Briscoe, et al. 2012). Performance management evaluation is of high value in any organization (Cardy & Leonard 2011), any department within and any function or project that is undertaken, regardless of the domestic or international outlook of H.R.M. The two areas under study and of interest in this paper are performance management and strategic management based on the new model (Orcullo 2008) and concept of ICHRM. This paper looks into how these two terms are incorporated and accommodated in the new international model. While they have been in practice for ages in the domestic domain of H.R.M, yet the International H.R.M is a totally new domain with new variables therefore it seeks the study of these elements which may have a complementing or detrimental impact on these two functions. Methodology: Analytical findings, supported by study of models in form of cognitive models of performance management along with the strategic models and principles have been integrated and inter related to get a clear understanding of these two areas that are of high importance in the International Human Resource Management. The methodology is further supported by the questionnaire which was based on the idea of getting an insight of the people’s knowledge about these two areas, their importance and the areas where possible improvements may be made. Qualitative form of survey and methodology was adopted for the better understanding of the concepts and allowing further knowledge sharing amongst the members. This was done through the study of various relevant concepts and models along with the critical analysis. Philosophy adopted: A philosophy based on innovation, improvement and synergetic strategy was adopted which would allow better implementation of these two areas (strategic management and performance management) in the international domain. The philosophy was based on creating awareness and knowing the level of apprehension of the members which was practically made possible through the questionnaire creation. Based on the responses collected, clear understanding was developed as to what is the present situation. Performance appraisal, encouragement and guiding and directing through practical measures were one of the core tenants of the philosophy adopted. The philosophy so adopted was effective because it allowed inter relating and studying the various elements in an integrated manner and further allowed possible exploration of areas of advancements both in the strategic domain and the performance based models. Approach: Systematic approach was adopted, which was based on study the effectiveness of each of these elements in separate, and following by the impact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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