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The Business Opportunity of XYZ in the UK and Chinese Automobile Sectors - Essay Example

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The main aim of the report will be based to identify the business opportunity of XYZ in the UK and Chinese automobile sectors by discussing the national and institutional systems along with possible cultural differences within the UK and China automobile markets…
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The Business Opportunity of XYZ in the UK and Chinese Automobile Sectors
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Extract of sample "The Business Opportunity of XYZ in the UK and Chinese Automobile Sectors"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that in relation to the present rapid growth of the United Kingdom and Chinese automobile industries, XYZ is considerably recognized as one of the major companies in terms of producing middle and upper-class vehicles. The organization is considerably playing a crucial role in the UK and China automobile markets in terms of serving vehicles for the middle class and upper-class consumers. The customers in both the UK and Chinese markets desire for quality based world class stylish vehicles. The developed economy of the UK along with increasing population and demand of vehicles can increase the probability of success for the business to a considerable extent. In the similar context, the economic condition of China is further considered to be more stable among the developing nations of the world. Moreover, the business environments of both the markets are considered feasible and appropriate for XYZ to practice its business operations. Therefore, the report intends to significantly analyze the UK and China markets for XYZ automotive company through evaluating the relevant theories and evidence in the market. Moreover, the discussion will also focus on enclosing the automobile market scenario of the UK and China along with different issues concerning national institutional systems and cultural conditions of the nations. In addition, the assessment will further consider trends of trade and investment and consider measures to efficiently deal with possible issues during the investment portfolio that are required to effectively conduct XYZ’s operations in the UK and Chinese automobile markets. Analysis of National and Institutional Systems and Culture Conditions The international business approach encompasses conducting trading activities beyond the national boundaries. The term international business can be defined as the process practiced by an organization while functioning in more than one nation from a single country. In contrast, international business further considers expanding business operating units in different regions in order to smoothly conduct business practices. From the perspective of modern international business, it can be recognized that the global organizations are significantly facing different challenges and opportunities with regard to their successful expansion. With this concern, the national and institutional systems regarding trade policies are one of the major prohibitory aspects which can be recognized in the global countries. Therefore, an effective and adequate analysis of the countries can facilitate to obtain suitable solutions for the organizations in terms of conducting business practices in a foreign market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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