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The need for a website: Research, reading and literature review - Essay Example

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Introduction The internet has truly revolutionized the world and changed it for good. Almost all activities linked to human life have found new significance in the light of the world being linked to the internet. Obviously, as is known to us, marketers must respond to the changes in the macro environment and thus marketing strategies have also been channelized in tandem with these trends…
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The need for a website: Research, reading and literature review
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Download file to see previous pages In the light of the scenario mentioned above, any business for that matter finds it relevant as well as an essential tool to have a website. The present study takes into consideration the hospitality business wherein a restaurant is planned to be set up. The restaurant is being planned to be set up in the rural areas of Western London, namely Norholt, an industrial estate. Thus the basic planning of a website catering to the needs as well as requirements of customers of such a restaurant is the purpose of the study. In this regard, it is imperative that the study take into consideration the various dynamics of the restaurant business as well as that of the role of internet in business. Also, since it is obvious that more than anything else, the proposed website is likely to cater to the marketing functions of the business, thus the literature would also focus on these aspects. Furthermore, the emerging areas in which the website can be used such as social media marketing and the like would also be included in the literature. The literature review section of the study would provide with inputs from what the leading academicians as well as theoreticians have to say in the areas of websites for businesses as well as other pertinent areas of marketing related to websites and the internet. This would directly help the proposed website in terms of giving inputs regarding the degree of involvement websites normally have in businesses and what is its contribution to the business as a whole. Also, points from how websites may give optimized results from the business may also be found out. Literature Review “A Literature Review is a systematic examination of knowledge available on a topic”. It is further opined that as far as academic literature review is concerned “it involves the use of appropriate peer-viewed articles” (Dawidowicz, 2010). Thus literature review of a paper analyses the existing body of literature present on the topic and tries to comprehend what has been said about the said topic and ultimately explore the possibilities of the said study through the analysis of the published literature. Bell (2005) has further been of the opinion that the literature review section provides the study with its academic structure in the context of the research. Lawfer (2004) is of the opinion that technology as well as the internet has changed the law of the game of marketing thereby referring to the increased importance of the internet in each and every aspect of human lives. In the words of Neuman (2007), a website is intended to “meet the needs and wants of the customers” who visit the website and that too in a way by which these activities augment the chances of attainment of the internet marketing goals of the firm. Neuman (2007) further opines that the customers who visit online corporate websites are as diverse as general customers visiting stores at any part of the world. Thus keeping in mind the basic objective of reaching out to a wider base of customers at various corners of the world and appeal to their interests as well as entice them to try out the products or avail the services available comprise the salient goals of corporate websites. Moreover, websites intend to create awareness ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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