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Critically explore the claim of an increasingly individualized employment relationship - Essay Example

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CRITICALLY EXPLORE THE CLAIM THAT THE CONCEPT THAT THE PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTRACT IS A MANIFESTATION OF AN INCREASINGLY INDIVIDUALIZED EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP. Name Institution Date Introduction The last few decades have witnessed exhaustive research and study seeking to understand the role and impact of psychological contract in employment relationship…
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Critically explore the claim of an increasingly individualized employment relationship
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Extract of sample "Critically explore the claim of an increasingly individualized employment relationship"

Download file to see previous pages 91). Generally, psychological contract is presumed to be an implicit understanding of mutual obligations which is owned by employees, employer, and employing organisation. Psychological contract is also associated with legal and formal employment contract that define the formal responsibilities, duties, and obligation of the employee and the employer in the employment relationship. As elucidated in the psychological contract concept in an organisation, employer-employee relationship ought to have a mutual reciprocal exchange which strengthens the relationship. In most cases, employees are satisfied when there are greater differences between their contribution in the organisation and the inducement offered by the organisation. From the organisation perspective, employees’ contribution ought to be sufficient to attract more inducement from the organisation. Employees’ commitments should also be adequate to elicit employees’ contribution. Some scholars emphasise that employees could advance their performance if the organisation does not interfere too much with the employees’ norms. However, to facilitate mutual interaction in the work environment, employees should respect the rights of the organisation as well as the set ethical conducts. Individualised employment has in the recent past turned out to be a universal state of affair in a large number of local and multinational organisations. This ever-increasing occurrence can be attributed to several internal and external factors. To some extent, scholars and researchers have concurred with the notion that the concept of psychological contract has a significant role in the contemporary individualised employment relationship. However, there are some scholars who are passionately against the idea. To understand how employment relationship is individualised by psychological contract, the essay below will critically explore the claim that the concept of psychological contract is the manifestation of increasingly individualised employment relationship. In the contemporary economy, psychological contract can be presumed to be an individual belief on the existence of a mutual obligation between the employee and the employer. The mutual obligations which exist between the employee and the employer are brought about by the perception that, any promise that has been made either implicitly or explicitly should be respected. As a result, the fulfilment of promissory obligation by one side is contingent which helps to define the fulfilment of the other party’s obligation. Psychological contract is assumed to comprise employees’ perceptions on the mutual obligation present in the agreement between the employer and the employee. Moreover, mutual obligations that prevail between contemporary employees and employers are to a great extent sustained through the reciprocity norm. The reciprocity norm that exist between the employer and employees therefore results into individualised employment relationship Psychological contract is presumed to be shaped by the implications of promise verse needs. Based on the fact that expectation is as a result of needs, the level in which each part can influence these needs is constrained. As a result, the critical element in modern development is the extent in which each part ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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