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Social work dessertation -Does Every child Matter Analysing policies around Young Unaccompanied asylum seekers in UK - Essay Example

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This contemporary development has allowed the free movements of goods, capital, services and firms across nations thereby, creating a borderless and…
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Social work dessertation -Does Every child Matter Analysing policies around Young Unaccompanied asylum seekers in UK
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"Social work dessertation -Does Every child Matter Analysing policies around Young Unaccompanied asylum seekers in UK"

Download file to see previous pages er, it should be noted, together with the global spread of capitalism (Cemlyn & Briskman, 2003), there has been also the spread of poverty, instability and war (Cemlyn & Briskman, 2003). The conditions of poverty, instability and war have resulted into the massive displacement of people. Adults as well as children are “displaced across national borders by armed conflict and political oppression”(Boyden & Hart, 2007: 237). This circumstance is aggravated by the reality that the violence against the displaced people is perpetuated by the state (Boyden & Hart, 2007). However, the suffering of the displaced people does not end there. As they flee from their country because it can no longer provide security and protection on their lives, property and liberty, they seek asylum on other countries wherein they are perceived as ‘outsiders’ who may be “encroaching on national assets however justified their claim”( Boyden & Hart, 2007: 237).This forced migration with which people are subjected includes children.
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), currently offers support to around 8 million refugee children (Boyden & Hart, 2007: 238). There is a tremendous increase in the number of asylum-seeking children since it is claimed that the contemporary shape of wars has changed in such a way that wars are now fought within the state, at the centre of the cities, at the very heart of the towns. Being such, there is an increase in civilian casualties which in turn gives rise to the “emerging demographic profile in much of the global South, where up to 50 per cent of national populations are currently under 18 years of age, it is inevitable that children constitute a large proportion of the peoples displaced by conflict” (Boyden & Hart, 2007: 238). In this regard, among asylum seekers, there is now the occurrence of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.
“Unaccompanied children leave their homes for diverse reasons: poverty and lack of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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