The role of employee engagement in an organization, using M & S food store as an organization - Essay Example

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The Role of Employee Engagement in an Organization, Using M & S Food Store as an Organization Institution: Name: To what extent does organization support Employee engagement? Employee engagement remains a key pillar in any organization. Every organization desires committed and enthusiastic employees…
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The role of employee engagement in an organization, using M & S food store as an organization
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Download file to see previous pages Only a third of employees have motivation in their work places in the United Kingdom (BergHind, 2005). Some organizations have embraced a strong sense of developing employee willingness to have a positive mental attitude towards work (Accor Services, 2009). Only twenty nine percent in the United States are enthusiastic about their work and employment. The business landscape is more unpredictable and more dynamic than ever before. However, despite challenges, most organizations have continuously supported employees to create a positive mental attitude towards work. Human resource remains a fundamental resource in any business. Companies that pride themselves in continued improvement of the intangible resources of the business entity. The intangible resources encompass the psychological factors that influence the mental preparedness and willingness of workers in an important pillar of progress in any company. The company has established itself as a true benchmark of success in the retail industry through creating a sense of belonging among employees ( Bradley, 2007). The human resource personnel and other officials in the company engage the workforce in various developmental steps of the company. In the current dynamic and ever evolving business landscape, companies have stepped up efforts to engage employees. In the past, organizations were concentrating on staff retention plans which were ineffective in guaranteeing high performance. This is because companies were keeping millions of unwilling workers who simply turned for duty but were never interested in building the organization (Clarke & MacLeod 2009, p 168). Organizations today are engaging employees through informing employees about the organizations, creating strong communication channels where there is feedback from employees and committing the top management to proper service delivery. At the moment, several organizations have improved the extent employee engagement effort. What are the benefits of engaged employees and how they are been rewarded in regards to their engagement to the organization. The psychological factors are key to the success of any company. Any employee who is engaged to a company will produce better results than an employee who is not motivated at work (Baldwin & Davis, 2006). This makes rewards and benefits to an employee who is engaged very necessary if any organization has to continue performing well (Clarke & MacLeod, 2009). Employees who are engaged will be handled well by the organization. Employees who have a positive attitude towards their work have less stress and are less likely to fall sick compared to those who are not engaged. Employees who are engaged derive joy and attach meaning to their work. This makes employee engagement the heart of high performance in an organization (Accor Services 2009, p 162). A strong correlation was established between employee engagement and the level of performance. The stores that were in the top quartile of engagement achieved eight percent higher mystery shop scores than those in the bottom quartile (Marks and Spencer Group Inc, 2012, p. 56). This underscores the importance of employee engagement in the success of the company. The biggest job related concern among workers in the United Kingdom is the amount of salary employees earn. More than forty six percent of the workers consider the salary they earn as their main concern (Merrit J. E., 2012, p. 29). Engaged employees get offers from the company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The role of employee engagement in an organization, using M & S food store as an organization" is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this document opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the idea for my own text.

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