The performance management (PM) approach and the High performance Work (HPW) approach - Assignment Example

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Improving Organizational Performance Name: Institution: Course: Course code: Date: This study explores the concept of improving the organizational performance by using the various models that are applied in managing organizations. The performance management (PM) approach and the High performance Work (HPW) approach are being within the UK organizations…
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The performance management (PM) approach and the High performance Work (HPW) approach
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Download file to see previous pages These activities are carried out by leaders and managers in organisations to help in improving the activities and the performance of the organisation. We think that performance management for employees in trying to set goals, monitor the employee’s achievement of the goals of the organisation, sharing the feedback of performance of employees with them and evaluating the performance with them. Organisational performance is composed of the output of an organisation while comparing it against the inputs that were deployed to the organisation to achieve those results. The output can be measured by the organisation in terms of profits and growth of the organisation. Performance can be measured by several dimensions; the financial performance or the shareholder returns the level of customer service in the organisation, the social responsibility of the organisation in the society and its clients and the stewardship of the employees. Organisations use statistical evidence to be able to determine the progress to define the objectives in the organisation (Hoverstadt 2011, p67). Organizational performance is measured in terms indicators of efficiency, effectiveness, relevance to shareholders and the financial viability. These indicators are used by the human resources to evaluate the performance of the employees and the organization (Ed Barrows 2010, p98). Performance management is composed of two types of the management system. One of them is where an analyst views the performance of a firm as a whole, and will monitor the effectiveness of how managers and other executives achieve their set goals. On the other hand, performance management may be viewed as a system to monitor the performance of employees and how they help them in achieving their goals; hence ensuring that organizations perform much better. This type of management will differ from the objectives to how they will be applied. This will include; planning of the work to be done, the setting of the goals, and offering feedback to the employees about their performance (Hoverstadt 2011, p45). Employees work best when the work they are given is planned well, delegated well, and objectives of the work are clearly set. This will motivate employees to do their job and be able to achieve the goals without any problem. When the executives plan and set goals and objectives better in performance management, it creates a predictable system for better performance. By doing this, the employees assume their consequences of work performance and bear the responsibility too. Giving results back to the employees about their work is done on an annual review. This enables employees to change their past mistakes and ensure that they will perform better in the next year. Employees get to benefit from the consistent models of performance evaluation; this is because the employees will get enough time to address their issues. Performance management also provides employees with opportunities to grow themselves in their fields of interest. This means that employees will be given opportunities to perform their duties better and at the same time pair the unskilled employees with the more skilled employees. This model enables employees to perfect their skills and hence improve the performance of the organizations (Ed Barrows 2010, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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