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Practitioners could easily understand concepts on requirements gathering methods (Chapter 5), including the types of questions to be used as…
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W7D Review Data Warehousing
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Review Data Warehousing al Affiliation Review Data Warehousing What is the most practical and easily applied lesson on Datawarehouse?
From among the lessons learned on data warehousing, the most practical and easily applied is the module on defining business requirements. Practitioners could easily understand concepts on requirements gathering methods (Chapter 5), including the types of questions to be used as well as the other techniques that were discussed (Ponniah, 2010). These techniques and skills learned in the process could also be applied in other endeavors: research, applications for employment, and other information-gathering activities.
What seems to be the hardest to grasp about Data warehouse? Why?
The lesson that seems hardest to grasp about data warehouse is the principles of dimension modeling where the star schema was discussed. The concepts were found to be challenging especially since the frameworks necessitated some level of competence in the areas of dimensional modeling (Ponniah, 2010).
What else do you need to know about Data Warehousing?
One strongly believes that the general overview and conceptual frameworks for data warehousing have been aptly provided by Ponniah (2010). The only other areas where students could learn from would be practical applications or best practices applied by contemporary organizations. Through sharing of organizational experiences on how data warehousing assisted in improving organizational performance, the theories learned would be ensured that current applications in contemporary settings are worthy of the discussions.
Ponniah, P. (2010). Data Warehousing Fundamentals for it Professionals. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Read More
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W7D Review Data Warehousing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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