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Cloud security, DATA LOSS and HIJACKING - Literature review Example

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Cloud computing entails the collection of several services, using layered cloud computing structures (Borko, 2010). Cloud computing includes grid computing…
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Cloud security, DATA LOSS and HIJACKING
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Extract of sample "Cloud security, DATA LOSS and HIJACKING"

Download file to see previous pages Users can upload and access uploaded pictures, documents, music files. cloud computing site offers possible free 18 gigabytes of memory to its users (Blaisdell, 2012).
Further, the users of cloud computing can choose between public or private computing types. The public computing type allows anyone to access the data saved in the remote server (Howell, 2012). Under the private type computing, unauthorized persons are not allowed to access the data saved on the remote server. The term cloud equates to being invisible. Cloud computing entails outsourcing data storage to another location, cloud (Shor, 2011).The cloud is user-prioritized, filling the computing needs of the users (Gillam, 2010). The persons using the cloud service do know the hardware or software used by the cloud service providers. Likewise, the cloud service clients do not know where the files are saved, the location of the cloud service providers being “hidden” from the cloud service users. People using internet –capable cell phones, tablets, and computers can save their files in the cloud computing sites. They can then access their files from the cloud server sites from any available computer, tablet, or internet- capable cell phones. Consequently, the users of the cloud computing sites do not need unnecessarily high gigabyte capacity memory cards or drives to save their huge files on their cell phones, tablets, or computers. To ensure high quality cloud computing service, data loss and hijacking must be reduced to allowable levels.
In addition, the above picture shows how the basic cloud computing setup works. One cloud computing person can access the same files from the same cloud computing site from a tablet, cell phone or any computer terminal. Some cloud computing sites offer either the free or paid membership its users (Jamsa, 2011). One cloud computing service provider offers the file saving privileges to many clients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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