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A Concept to Avoid and Minimize Security Risks in Cloud Computing - Essay Example

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This essay talks about a cloud which is basically a network in which certain servers are attached in the form of cluster. It is a computing network that shares computers and resources. The users just have to pay for the usage rather than paying for local resources such as infrastructure etc. …
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A Concept to Avoid and Minimize Security Risks in Cloud Computing
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Extract of sample "A Concept to Avoid and Minimize Security Risks in Cloud Computing"

Download file to see previous pages This project declares that the existing protection mechanism like encryption failed to provide sufficient security especially from the insider attacks within the cloud network. To overcome this issue a new technology has been introduced called Fog Computing. After doing deep analysis it is apparent that fog computing is not considered as a substitute for cloud it is just an addition of the cloud computing system and introduce new applications and services. These applications ensure safety by isolating user data from each other. The foremost goal of this technology is to put data near to the ultimate consumer.
This paper makes a conclusion that Cloud Computing is a technology based service which is used for protecting data and for making use of the cloud resources anywhere anytime. Further Cloud Computing is designed with a collective pool of resources which manages private data centers for clients who are utilizing web application and batch processing services. Fog computing is a virtual platform which offers computing, networking and storage resources to the end-users. Fog computing is a new standard which provide a virtual IT infrastructure. The security solutions which are designed for cloud computing does not allow fog computing devices to balance their connectivity load at the verge of the network. Fog computing offers greater security and benefits while working with cloud. In this the user has to first register and sign up fog computing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Concept to Avoid and Minimize Security Risks in Cloud Computing Essay.
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