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The study aimed at exploring the impact of employee engagement on performance. The research ensured that it abides to all ethical obligations not only to ensure that it meets the requirements of the study, but also to ensure that all respondents’ identities are kept anonymous…
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The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance
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Download file to see previous pages 3.4 Data collection instruments Questionnaires and interview guides were used in the study. Questionnaires were distributed to the participants and some of the respondents were also interviewed. One of the methods used in distributing the research questions was by email. This method had some limitations; like ensuring that the data were correctly filled and understanding how body language may have influenced the results. However, the use of email confined the researcher to have a one to one response to his respondents. Three managers were interviewed. This is because the researcher aimed at soliciting information about employee engagement on performance. Interviews were also used so as to obtain first hand information. Lastly, managers were interviewed to ensure uniformity in the means of data collection. The research was designed so that all employees filled their responses through questionnaires while managers’ responses were through interviews. The questionnaires were carefully designed in a structured way which still allowed participants to express their views on the subject. The questions asked were selected on the basis of how other authors like the CIPD have conducted a similar research that measures the link between employee engagement and performance. The researcher also interviewed two managers and one training manager in Etisalat for the purpose of the research. 3.5 Reliability Reliability refers to measure or degree to which a researcher’s instruments yield consistent results or data after repeated trials (Nachiamis and Nachiamis, 2006). They define reliability using its synonyms such as dependability, stability, consistence, predictability and...
The most important aim of this study, however, was to carry out a detailed research to find out the major implications of employee engagement on performance. From the research conducted, with the support of the theories and literature by various researchers support the fact that, an improvement has been indicated in many organizations as a result of employee engagement in the workplace. Employee engagement strategies have been credited their ability to mobilize employee towards performance oriented abilities. In an attempt to understand the abilities of employees to improve their skills in terms of commitment to their jobs, research was conducted on some respondents on their views regarding health, safety, recognitions and rewards. In response, a great percentage of the employees attested to the fact that rewards and recognition have contributed positively to their full participation and commitment in their job. It is also through, rewards and recognition that, employees have managed to steer the company towards attaining goals of the organization, in terms of the need to be more conversant with the products that are offered by the company, so as to serve the clients in a better way. Improved performance is linked to proper customer relations between employees and employers. On the other hand, from the above research, it is warranted to argue that, employee engagement practices play a part in the advancement of the place of the employees in the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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