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Civil management is an important aspect in the success of organization - Essay Example

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Critical management Name Tutor Date Introduction Management is a process of working with and through people. Organizations need effective management in order to maximize their production under the prevailing conditions of scarce resources. Managers need to shift their focus to the contemporary issues of organizations such as the ambiguity, uncertainty, and complexity of organizations…
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Civil management is an important aspect in the success of organization
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Download file to see previous pages It is in this regard that this paper is written. Management of organization is becoming an increasingly daunting task in the contemporary times, this is due to the ever advancing business world and business technology leading to ambiguity, uncertainty and complexities of organization. Effective internal management of an organization demands that people and facilities in the organization are managed well. This introduces the concept of organizational behavior which involves how people within the organization react to changes, decisions and practices of management by managers. It is also important to have human skills in order to incorporate the views of other people and manage them well; this will also ensure that the people work towards a common goal within the organization (Pitsis, Clegg & Kornberger, 2011, p 29). Therefore, critical management is determined to harmonize the workplace, through ensuring that the employees and facilities are managed well and working conditions improved. In order to ascertain this, managers need to rely on management theory and practice in order to deal with the uncertainties of organizations. These management theories and practices deal with construction of models based on observations, to try and manage business activities (Carr, 2000, pp. 210). In addition, the practices of management also deals real life experiences of the manager within an organization. This paper therefore seeks to critically evaluate the impact of uncertainty on how the organization is managed through culture leadership, structure, control, and empowerment. Additionally, the paper will demonstrate a critical understanding of management practice and theory, ability to identify and evaluate vital assumptions in the ideology of management, and analyze and evaluate organization and management theory and appraise the application of management theory in organizational contemporary contexts. Uncertainties of organization Organizations are faced majorly by uncertainty challenges; this impact on their production and performance levels. Uncertainty as an element in managing organizations involves risks and unpredictability of the organization’s future events. This may include surprises in employee performance which could either lead to losses or profits within the organization (Renn, Klinke & Asselt, 2011, pp. 3). As a newly recruited manager assigned the duty of dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity situations, one is expected to identify and evaluate the key assumptions of management ideology and apply the management and organization theory in handling the concerns in the contemporary context. A junior manager is expected to use the “box paradox”, in order to come up with new management strategies that will ensure organizational growth and retain the identity and founding values of the organization (Clampitt & Williams 1999, p 6). The junior manager will have to “think outside the box” and acknowledge the constraints of the “organizational box” in order to achieve growth and development of the organization and handle the complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty prevailing in the organizatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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