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Part 1: Theory Assessment INTRODUCTION Business environments are constantly changing and pressing businesses to strengthen competitive positions with adaptability. Businesses are also constantly been striving to adopt the performance means for gaining sustained position in market…
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Download file to see previous pages Both aspects being significance to business; however, the real benefit lies in what is named as combination of both entitled the strategy (Porter, 1996). Strategy can be defined as the due combination of the above and other factors facilitating business to remain distinguished from the competitors. Core of the successful strategy is capability of doing things with unique distinctions. Moreover, strategies have to be guiding paths with strong unique features, locking systems that keep rivals off and forcing competitors to trade-off for imitation. Any strategy to generate success has to posses these features (Porter, 1996). Intense literature have been developed covering various theories for strategy making. Among aspects include theories that guide path to the successful strategy development as well as implementation. Hence, underlying discussion is assessment of the two widely used theories. GARBAGE CAN THEORY Cohen, March, and Olsen (1972) in 1972 established that decision making in an organization can also be organized anarchies as theory of Garbage Can. The theory of Garbage Can explores the decision making in an organization. As not all of the decisions made in the organizations are successful; therefore, the theory of Garbage Can model is an important contribution towards the anomalies affecting decision making. The Main Idea The core idea forming the garbage can theory states the reason for the uncertainties in organizational decision making. These uncertainties are referred as organized anarchies. Theory cites three reasons for organized anarchies in decision making of organization that are as follow (Padgett, 1980): Preferences considered for the decision making are problematic in themselves. Therefore, unclear preference does not allow firm to opt for the preference that may not possess rationale to generate best and most suited result for the organization in the given situation. Technology employed and used for decision making is not well understood causing inability to generate the due responses. Technological advancement and respective adaptability does not only refer to the technical adoption. Technological adaption requires understanding the due course of using technology in the best interest of the person in general and business in specific. Positions in the organizational hierarchy face higher level of turnover. Change in person is accompanied by the change in methodologies, perceptions as well as energy and effort contribution of similar person also varies. Therefore, consistently changing decision maker dilutes the type and level of participation from decision maker as well as those that will be affected by decisions. Hence, problems in the organization are solved in a manner that can be simply defined as the hap-hazard manner where each problem, choices and participants flow in and out of the garbage-can. Therefore such decision makings will though solve the problem but can be defined as the rationale solution. The General Strengths and Weaknesses Garbage can theory is important for its role in describing characteristics of organization decision making in any portion of time. Organizations even while solving a clearly defined problem with clear problem solving structure pass through various choices that would have been applied in case the situation of the problem had some other assumed characteristics. Hence, in selecting the strategic choice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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