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Impact of Brand Personality on the Purchasing Decision - Research Paper Example

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The report “Impact of Brand Personality on the Purchasing Decision” will primarily highlight the concepts of branding and the ideas related to it. In this context brand personality, brand value and the importance and advantages of a brand will be emphasized…
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Impact of Brand Personality on the Purchasing Decision
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Extract of sample "Impact of Brand Personality on the Purchasing Decision"

Download file to see previous pages During this period there were explosion of brands. Starting from mere cigarettes and soaps to luxury cars, a number of brands appeared which led human being to witness the modern form of marketing. Understanding the manner in which those marketing concepts evolved, will help to get better idea about why branded products are omnipresent nowadays. If we move back to the time when the concept of branding was unknown to human being, the theory of business was also very simple. The only criterion for being successful in trading was to manufacture superior quality products. For instance, if a company offered high quality coffee, bear or any other products, the customers were happy to buy those products. Moreover as long as the company maintained the same quality, repeat purchase was also common. It was also a time when consumers were more focused on the quality of products rather than the brand name associated with it. The report will primarily highlight the concepts of branding and the ideas related to it. In this context brand personality, brand value etc will be emphasized. Furthermore the importance and advantages of a brand will be also portrayed. The study will also analyze one of my recent purchases of a branded product. Finally the study will conclude highlighting the key areas and answering the question whether consumers often choose and use brands that have a brand personality or not. Brand & Brand Equity Traditionally the role of a brand was just about providing a name or an identity to the product (Baehrens, 2012). However presently eminent scholars such as De Mozota defined brand as the group of perceptions which is determined by both experience and communication. It can also be referred to as the addition of the characteristics of intangible and tangible which is used to make exclusive offers (DeMozota, 2003, Brand). A brand influences the perception of the customers about the company and therefore brands should be developed for its betterment (Adebola, Talabi, & Lamidi, 2012, pp.424-428). In addition, branding is also portrayed as the way by which an organization develops and delivers the propositions to the consumers. Nevertheless the assurance can be in the context of experimental enrichment, functional satisfaction or fulfillment of the aspirations (Baker, 2012, p.376). Usually, a brand is developed on the basis of 5 factors. They are design, positioning, customer relationship, storytelling and price (Healey, 2008, p.8). Some of the illustrious branded products are Nescafe, Marlboro-Clove, Kindle, Gucci, Apple, Samsung and Turtle among many others. In the similar approach brand value has also been identified as the biggest asset of the companies. It can be defined as extra cash flow earned by relating a brand with the goods and services (Aaker & Biel, 1993, p.69). Brand Personality Brand personality in simple terms can be defined as the way by which a brand speaks or how it behaves. It is process by which a brand is assigned with the human characteristics or personality traits with the brand in order to achieve some kind of differentiation to the product. These characteristics in turn signify the brand behavior with the help of its representatives. The representatives of a brand are the employees of the organization and packaging & advertisements of the company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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