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Choosing the Effective Method for the Research - Essay Example

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Introduction to Research Methods Introduction Research Questions Different types of research methods are taken into consideration in terms of conducting a project. Research methods that are generally chosen one over the other or in forming a combination are Secondary, Primary, Qualitative and Quantitative…
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Choosing the Effective Method for the Research
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Extract of sample "Choosing the Effective Method for the Research"

Download file to see previous pages What procedure enhances the applicability of the research methodology processes relating to the research conducted? Background to the Storyline Hucker (2001) observes that a researcher tends to make definite choices over different types of research methods in the course of conducting a research in an effective fashion. The researcher may focus on gathering information all by oneself from the larger market or may depend on large amount of data sets whether published physically or available online to conduct the research needed. The course of gathering information from the larger available market through the identification of a target population holds to be Primary Research while that which focuses on gathering information rendered by others relating to the same topic holds to be of Secondary Research type. Hucker (20001) further states that available information relating to Secondary Research methods is gained through the avid study of large number of journals, books, articles, government publications and other type of data sources available whether in print and online form. These data sources help the researcher to gain hold of authentic information related to the research question where information is obtained from different peers. Secondary research also helps the researcher to save both cost and time related to the research activity. Similarly Primary Research methods are found to be in use through the construction of questionnaires through which interview is conducted over a sample population. Herein the researcher is required to understand and evaluate on the type of questionnaire to be constructed whether structured or semi-structured or fully unstructured in nature to assist in gaining the right type of information sought. Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods gain emergence on the pattern of research activity taken depending on non-statistical or incorporation of statistical research conducts. However in many cases as Hucker (2001) states that the process of triangulation is followed where the researcher is required to incorporate or combine different research methods for conducting a total project (Hucker, 2001, p.8-11). Literature Review Types of Research Methods Kothari (2009) observes reflects that based on the needs of different types of researches a variety of research methodologies have come into existence. Firstly where the researcher is required to conduct the research based on historical or already existing information focus is rendered from gaining the same through library research techniques. Herein the researcher tends to use contents gained from literary sources or other information sources like recordings audio or print to formulate the research. Similarly where the researcher is required to gain current information from the field the research types are generally experimental or exploratory in nature. Herein the researcher is required to formulate different questions whether structured or unstructured to conduct interviews on a targeted sample population and thereby to gain needed inferences and information. Questionnaires are rendered either by mailers or telephonic interview is conducted over the target population. Similarly, Kothari (2009) also focuses on the use of Case Study based research where the focus of the research is narrowed down to a particular issue that bears representation to the research objectives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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