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The Role of Research Methods in Education - Essay Example

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This study describes and differentiates the principle tenets and applications of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches. The paper further evaluates the appropriateness of the mixed method for the study of self-efficacy and its link to student persistence…
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The Role of Research Methods in Education
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Download file to see previous pages Many different approaches have been developed for researchers internationally supporting their work in all its aspects especially regarding the gathering of data/ info that is necessary for the development of various scientific projects. It should be noticed that scientific projects are not necessarily practical, i.e. they do not refer only to mathematical figures (statistics etc.); they can also be theoretical, i.e. referring to the structure and the effectiveness of a specific theoretical model (e.g. Porter’s five forces - in the business sector). In the case of education both the above forms of research, i.e. the practical and the theoretical one are likely to be used by all participants in the educational environment (educators, school administrators, students) when having to conduct research on a specific issue which is included in the curriculum.
The value of research in education cannot be doubted; various views have been stated regarding the role of research in various educational areas. We could refer indicatively to the study of Randall et al. (1999) who noticed that ‘research in education is a value-free, unbiased, neutral, social scientific pursuit of truth, using the best methods, and models available—or so we were told when we were learning the craft’ (Randall et al., 1999, 7). In other words, research in education cannot be stable; it should be rather active and dynamic being changed continuously in accordance with the needs of the students, the characteristics of the educational environment and the ability of a specific educational organization to respond to the needs and the demands of a particular research project. It should also be noticed that research in education does not have a specific form; it can have either qualitative or quantitative characteristics or even both of them (after appropriate transformation of the relevant research framework).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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