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The paper “Effective Teamwork” shows that teamwork is an important tool in helping the continuous growth and improvement of an organization’s performance. Today, tremendous transformations are being made in the working environment as organizations are taking up the current trends in the market…
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Effective Teamwork
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Download file to see previous pages Organizations all over the world are looking for new work structures or forms and concepts so that they can comply with their internal and external demands, and this puts them an edge over their competitors (Rosenhauer, 2009). For this reason, teams have become an integral tool in many organizations for the purpose of management to ensure that the external and internal demands are met. Despite the fact that not all teams will work well, they are known to harness the collective energy of all members and there need to be proper strategies to be followed to ensure that teams are effective. Teams refer to a group of individuals who have complementary skills and committed to a common goal, which they will be mutually accountable to ensure its success. Team members will come up with a distinct identity the work together by supporting each other to ensure that they achieve their set objective. Accomplishing a task is the extent, to which a team’s effectiveness is determined, and teams achieve this because working together and combining the different expertise goes a long way in ensuring the success of any endeavor. Successful teams will be determined by the levels team spirit, which ensures trust, respect for one another, helping each other and being collaborative (West, 2004). Bringing people together does not necessarily mean that they will work effectively as a team and make the right decisions. People in a team will come from different backgrounds, and this can be a plus or a minus depending on how the team members relate, and this means that teams can either help or frustrate the emotional or social needs of members, which determines the effectiveness of the team. Team indifference results as a product of failing to enhance good teamwork, which is likely to result in poor performance. Effective teamwork will require certain measures put in place to ensure that people who are put together work collaboratively to achieve the set ends. Resources are an important success factor for a team and forming a team whose resources, task and membership matches are paramount when considering forming a team. This is because a lack of resources may result in a scramble of the available ones, which may cause stifles in the workforce. Good leadership is also paramount to the success of any team as the leader will coordinate the activities of the team to ensure that all members accomplish their tasks to ensure that there are no delays in delivery of the products (West, 2004). Team member commitment plays an integral part as no member will want to work more than the other members. Members should identify with their goals and ensure that they have achieved their task, which eliminates the chances of certain members feeling that they are overworked. Developing team goals plays an important role in ensuring that the members have a focus on the ends that they are supposed to meet and this gives them a shared vision, which will motivate them as they want to achieve the set goal by the allocated time. Common ownership and joint responsibility is the other determining factor of an effective team as this will ensure that team members are in unison and are determined to achieve the set. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "Effective teamwork" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of resources was valuable.


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