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An Export Strategy for a Bridge Joint Manufacture - Essay Example

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An Export Strategy for a Bridge Joint Manufacture
Ennis Prismo based in United Kingdom is a company that works in the production of rendering products related to the category of manufacturing and other traffic products. …
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An Export Strategy for a Bridge Joint Manufacture
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Download file to see previous pages Ennis Prismo in terms of rendering services in such various categories related to public needs focuses to enhance on the dimension of safety, reliability, accountability and innovation. Ennis Prismo, an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company has gained the experience to serve the different service and product categories through the rendering of quality and high standard products. Ennis Prismo operating from its manufacturing plant based in Chorley, United Kingdom focuses on gaining market in different regions pertaining to European and African nations and also to countries relating to Middle East. Thus Ennis Prismo operating both in the traffic and other manufacturing and construction sectors pertaining to roads and bridges has become a highly known brand. Ennis Prismo in addition to marketing its products pertaining to European, African and other Middle East regions is now focusing to gain an effective entry into the American markets for its Bridge Joint products. The paper in this regard would tend to focus on the feasibility of the United States market as a growing export region for Bridge Joints manufactured by Ennis Prismo (Ennis Prismo, n.d.). Business and Market Environment Analysis The business and marketing environment for Bridge Joints in United States would be analysed based on two models based on PESTLE Analysis and also based on evaluation of the Industrial Life Cycle for the same in the region. PESTEL Analysis Political Political environment pertaining to the construction of bridges in United States being analysed reflects that the government of the region focuses more on the repairs and development of existing bridge structures rather than focusing on the construction of new bridges. A survey conducted based on the 2009 period states that out of the total expenditure incurred by United States government on infrastructural development only 6.2 percent was dedicated for the construction of new bridges and highways. However of late political emphasis pertaining to bridge construction is found to change with the collaboration of private bodies thereby gradually cultivating a market for the need of Bridge Joints (The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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