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Huge selling concentration - Essay Example

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The essence of marketing lies in introducing the product into new geographical market. The entering into new geographical market involves two aspects; 1. Exporting, 2. Manufacturing in new geographical market and selling those products there. Hence, the considerations of any marketing manager differ in above two aspects and that results in analyzing or discussing two contexts in this paper while thinking about considerations of a marketing manager…
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Huge selling concentration
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Extract of sample "Huge selling concentration"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently it gives competitive advantage to the exporter while entering into a new geographical market and that advantage further consolidates while there are alliances with local distributors and sellers. The local alliances will help in understanding and acquiring skills that are necessary for existence in new geographical market. After alliances the strategy plays key role in making the foray into new geographical market a success. Next aspect that needs discussion in this paper is the production unit that needs to be set up in the new geographical area and selling it. The difference between the former context and the later is that the manufacturer should have much closer relations with the distributors and can have price advantage while marketing as the product is manufactured locally. However, the considerations may alter when the manufacturing a product in a geographical area is a costly process than the making of it in the origin of the company. 1
In the present era, the distribution plan is a time taking plan that involves different delivery systems and multiple logistical channel options. Online inventory tracking is one of the logistical channels and automated fulfillment adds to it. ...
Online inventory tracking is one of the logistical channels and automated fulfillment adds to it. The faster transportation despite the online inventory process and automated fulfillment changes the face of distribution and provides an advantage over the competitors. The online inventory helps the marketing manager to furnish the required goods to the marketing channels as well as providing information for the production department so that they can plan production according to marketing needs. However, the distribution options differ with consumer package products, business to business/industrial manufacturing or service industries. When the distribution option varies, marketing manager should observe the change in role of distribution. Hence, the distribution options change from product to product. In case of consumer package product, the distribution role is complex as it depends on retailer. Normally, in the era of competition, manufacturers are planning the marketing strategy, so that they can give the product at the customer's doorstep. This involves three types of distribution options. The first and conventional one is producer-wholesaler-retailer-customer. The second one is producer-retailer-customer. The third and the latest option is producer to consumer. In the first context, the transportation and logistical problems are minimized for the producer but the results depend on the efficiency of the wholesalers and retailers between producer and customer. In the second one, as the wholesaler has been removed from the network, the retailer acts as both wholesaler and retailer due to presence of retail chains over a large geographical area. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Huge Selling Concentration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
“Huge Selling Concentration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words”, n.d.
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