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Exam revision - Assignment Example

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To achieve profitability and overall objectives, a business should not only provide quality products in the market but also choose effective distribution channels with strong capacity. …
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Exam revision
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Download file to see previous pages The best distribution channel strategy for a new toothpaste brand is a direct channel of producer – agent – customer. For a new product like a toothpaste in this case , all the 4 P’s of marketing, that is product, price, promotion and place have to be considered. A modification of the traditional producer, Producers, Wholesalers, Retailers which most consumer products like tooth pastes use. The producer appoints sales agents who go to the field and sell directly to the customers. As they do so, they are marketing the new product to the people since the product does not have many existing customers. This can also be aided by using internet facilities where the product information is stipulated. It is also important that effective communication in the website be enabled that so that there is constant feedback and response to the customers questions.
Direct selling is important because there is a lot of competition from the existing market leaders e.g. unilever. The customers may also not trust the new product if for example it is just lying in the retailers store. Direct selling enables the agent to explain and convince the customer. This will secure the trust of the customers and cause market penetration of the toothpaste.
In a bid to attract and retain customers to their brands, companies use marketing use all or a fraction of the marketing mix. They include advertising, personal selling, promotional selling, direct marketing and public relations. There a multiplicity of factors to consider before deciding on the strategy. Generally, to decide a communication mix for Barclays Bank and Levis jeans, the following should be considered:
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