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Jupiter Confectionary Ltd: Quantitative Research Design - Case Study Example

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Objectives of the study are to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed research design of Jupiter Confectionary Ltd which introduced the cereal-based breakfast/snack bars and to propose other approaches that might be more appropriate.   …
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Jupiter Confectionary Ltd: Quantitative Research Design
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Download file to see previous pages Rose and Sullivan (1996) observed that there exist patterns in the universe, certain specific patterns for all kinds of activities that can be noted on careful observation. These specific patterns in the universe and the behaviour in time can be explained and predicted to a certain extent to a certain accuracy based on the information or data collected at that particular time. However, there is a large amount of data available for a particular activity, that is often confusing, and the researcher needs to select that particular data that is most relevant to the activity in time. Understanding the behaviour of the data collected helps explain complex concepts or theories through developing hypotheses about the relationships that may exist between the data collected. Further, the hypothesis can be validated for correctness and patterns of behaviour collated to explain the theories (Mamia, 2012). While conducting a research design, several aspects of the research are to be considered since the object of research is always dynamic and so the data collected is also changing in time. Further, there are two basic kinds of research design methodologies, descriptive and explanatory. While descriptive research attempts to research what activities happen or exist in the social sphere, explanatory research helps explain why the activities happen or exist. Typical research should include both descriptive and explanatory research as usually, good explanatory research is always built on descriptive research. Research in itself needs to be planned sufficiently to achieve the desired results (Mamia, 2012). The typical research design involves identifying project methodologies, planning the processes and identifying strategies while moulding the research objectives through the methodology and context (Richards, 2006). Types of Research Design Research design can be theoretical or empirical, qualitative or quantitative or a combination of theoretical and empirical, qualitative and quantitative. Research can be aimed at comparison or classification of the available facts through theoretical or empirical frameworks. However, both quantitative and qualitative research designs can aim at a descriptive or explanatory design. It is to be noted that research design can take the form of an entire research process as in the figure above, or pertain to a certain aspect of the research process in terms of research methodology. Research design includes four features: “the epistemology that informs the research, the philosophical stance underlying the methodology in question (e.g., post-positivism, constructivism, pragma­tism, advocacy/participatory), the methodology itself, and the techniques and procedures used in the research design to collect data” (Harwell, 2012). However, the methodology is considered the core of the research design and includes quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods of research design.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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