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Executive Presence and Risk-Taking Characteristics - Research Paper Example

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The author examines an executive presence which is achieved by an individual who possesses a strong and confident persona. This individual is capable of attracting people, and ultimately people follow him. People trust the executive leadership and thus, they are assured of the sense of self. …
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Executive Presence and Risk-Taking Characteristics
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Extract of sample "Executive Presence and Risk-Taking Characteristics"

Download file to see previous pages The individual is assertive and constantly moves forward with what he wants. He believes in something and directs all his force and energy towards it. He is not forceful but very firm with his opinions and ideas. The respective with which the individual treats others prevents them from seeing his or her aggressiveness and assertiveness. The individual creates consensus with the others so that they feel included in the concepts that he or she encourages. When he or she leverages his expertise and the areas in which he is experienced, executive presence follows. As the individual develops executive traits, he or she builds executive presences into an important component of the current state (Garfinkle, 2011). There are five categories of executive presence which encompass the sixteen executive traits. These categories include business intelligence, risk-taking, interpersonal relationship, performance improvement, and self-development characteristics.
Having tactical skills (that is, the capability to manage day-to-day tasks and actions) is crucial to the success of the career. However, the capability to see the business in a strategic and universal manner will set the individual apart from his peers (Monarth, 2009). Proactive thinking or strategic thinking is also referred to as gaining political advantage. It is important to note there are fewer positions in comparison to the number of talented and ambitious individuals, thus, it is crucial for one to inform others what he has done and what he can do, and why he is the best candidate for the job (Businessday Staff, 2012).
The individual must gain the whole company perspective. It is imperative that they increase their sensitivity and broaden their perspective to the ins and outs of the organization, from the competitors in the industry to procedures and operations that impact daily life in the company (Monarth, 2009). In other words, the individual must outside the box, and study the ins and outs of the organization. That way, he will be able to discover opportunities important to demonstrate his value and improve his career (Garfinkle, 2012).
The common characteristic of the current executive leaders is the ability to communicate from a strong financial framework. These leaders speak about virtually everything in terms of requests, goals, accomplishments, and finances. The higher the individual advances, the further bottom-line, financial responsibilities, the individual will assume. It is important for the individual to know the means of communicating achievements in terms of measurable and specific results. This clearly demonstrates the value of the executive and it enhances his or her credibility. Effective financial communication will assist the individual to get more resources, receive proper financial backing, obtain the desired head-count, and to secure the required buy-in so that the projects can be effective (Garfinkle, 2012).
Financial communication is not a difficult task; rather, it is a skill learned that can be developed by anyone.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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