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Research handbook of comparative employment relations - Essay Example

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Hey, Paulo! I would like you to work on the organization of your paper a bit more. You have great ideas; and your topic sentences are fantastic. Here’s my comments and thoughts for you: The Advantages of Voluntary Overtime Paid WorkThe paper seeks to determine the advantages of overtime voluntary paid work over mandatory overtime or part-time work…
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Research handbook of comparative employment relations
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Download file to see previous pages Good! So these are your 3 main sections of your paper. According to Barry and Wilkinson (2011), voluntary overtime is a regular and positive practice in the various industries. Voluntary overtime increases the productivity of workers, maintains employees’ wellbeing, reduces staff turnover, and it is more cost efficient than part-time employment. Good! Okay, so you discuss these next, right? In the next couple of paragraphs, you discuss these right? I could be able to see that these are the topics for the next paragraphs. maintains employees’ wellbeing, reduces staff turnover, and it is more cost efficient than part-time employment For example, overtime is a common practice among medical facilities in the United States, where nurses are the majority of medical facilities’ employees who works overtime. You should consider using more in-text citations – where did this example come from? One of our sources? Or would one of your sources agree with it? Then use an in-text citation here. It’s not uncommon for research papers to have in-text citations in almost every other sentence. This is looking good so far. Nurses who voluntarily work overtime provide better care for the patients compared to mandatory overtime or part-time nurses. A clear indication of the positive impact of voluntary overtime over part-time or regular time work is that overtime workers tend to be engaged, especially when work is voluntarily provided to them. Most employees admit that wages have an impact on their work performance. Studies have demonstrated that higher wages earned result in a sense of achievement, ownership, and satisfaction in the work completed. Okay, so the next paragraphs will be about achievement, ownership, and satisfaction, right? It’s like sorting out your laundry; the evaluators will want to see clear, separate piles of thoughts like you indicate in your, excellent topic sentences. Your piles are your paragraphs, right? So, I want to see a paragraph on achievement. And another one one on ownership, and then the last one on satisfaction in work. Does this make sense/ Employees who are available by choice to work for overtime hours augment their productivity, lead to an excellent job recital, and reduce staff turnover through retention of employees (Barry & Wilkinson, 2011).Voluntary work helps in maintaining the employee’s health more than forced overtime work. Use of voluntary overtime enhances the wellbeing of workers; on the other hand, involuntary overtime causes burnout among employees. Voluntary overtime increases employees’ satisfaction and reduces stress among employees; as a result, it helps in maintaining the health of the workers. As Cameron (2012) observes, employees who work on voluntary overtime tend to have natural self-motivation within them, which enhances their productivity and job satisfaction. Employees and employers attain more benefits from voluntary overtime than from involuntary overtime. Numerous studies have established that long working hours and shift work raise the odds for employees to be fatigued, injured, stressed, and suffer from medical ailments. However, voluntary overtime tends to lower these effects, but involuntary overtime increases same. The Advantages of Voluntary Overtime Paid Work The Advantages of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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