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Arrangements on promoting equality for Policewomen - Essay Example

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This discussion provides a comprehensive picture of women's representation in law enforcement. The research will show that the number of women in sworn law enforcement remains small, and in large agencies the pace of increase has stalled or even reversed.
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Arrangements on promoting equality for Policewomen
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Extract of sample "Arrangements on promoting equality for Policewomen"

Download file to see previous pages Conclusions will also be drawn upon highlighting how these key figures will impact the future of women in the police force.
The second part will consider how the flexibility and the balance and work-life from women in the police force are structured. It will also analyze the ways in which the police force can operate to better equip their members with the skills to address these various problems associated with the balance of work and life.
Flexible working provides the opportunity for female police officers to give their best at work and at home. It isn't necessarily about working less - it's about having more control over when, where and how they work.
By providing flexible working arrangements for employees, organisations have a more motivated and productive workforce. They are more likely to retain these members of staff, this in turn cuts the cost of recruitment - advertising, interviewing, selecting and training - as well as keeping all the skills and experience that only time can build. With this extra adaptability the organisation should also be able to manage peaks and troughs in demand more effectively, and provide a better service to the public
Advantages for employees include increased motivation and less stress - a flexible working option can be the answer to the work / life juggling act that many of us face. There are a growing number of reasons why people are investigating different work practices; these include childcare, further education and training, caring for elderly relatives, voluntary work and increasing the quality and balance of life.
At the moment only some of these options are offered by most forces, but things are changing. There is fierce competition in the jobs marketplace and chief officers are starting to realise that new and innovative ways of working are needed to attract, keep and reward high quality staff.
ACPO and Home Office researchers have found examples of all of the above work patterns in forces around the UK - evidence that flexible working is possible and can be successful within the police service.
At the meeting of the Federated Ranks Committee on 22 October 2002 agreement was reached on guidance on the application of the agreement made within the Police Negotiating Board in May 2002 for the management of working time to reduce the overtime bill and provide a better work/life balance for police officers.
The scheme agreed by the PNB in May 2002 to manage overtime is about using more flexible working and rostering arrangements and measures to tackle bureaucracy to reduce the reliance of the service on overtime and to give female police officers a better work/life balance. It is not about cutting costs. It is not about reducing the availability of officers for operational duties, including, when need arises, beyond their rostered hours.
The PNB believes that police officers, regardless of age, race or gender, are entitled to enjoy a healthy work/life balance. Research has shown that a good work/life balance brings benefits to both employers and employees - so the police service must be able to learn from developments in the wider employment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arrangements on Promoting Equality for Policewomen Essay.
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