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Business : MRF Sections 4 - 5- 6 -7 - Research Paper Example

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Hi! If you don’t mind I’ll just be writing on this sheet for clarity. (BTW, the font, color and boldface are just for ease of locating my responses. ?) 4.2 You did not answer this one. “These participants are the population….” Well, I used this information to modify the comment in 4.1 (see the highlight: “the middle and top level managers of the oil and gas companies.” The comment in 4.2 was connected to the comment in 4.1 which asked about the population…
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Business research: MRF Sections 4 - 5- 6 -7
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Download file to see previous pages Be sure to include ALL the data collection procedures you plan to use. If you will interview people and then make field observations of them, what is your background (your education or training in such techniques) and experience (the number of times or the period of time over which have you actually done such interviews or made field observations in live settings)? I have no background in any of the data collection fields at no time or period of time. We are supposed to include all the data collection methods – procedures you plan to use. I cannot give any information that you don’t already have. Can you address this in further detail to say that the researcher has no formal training or has spent any time in performing interviews or in making observations in live settings? The key is saying this about all of the data collection procedures you plan to use. I suspect I am much like most students, no prior experience. Comment 4 This section must include what you will do; i.e. review research studies; review research texts; review research authors books, in order to establish a base line of scholarly understanding about the specific data collection method you have selected. Apparently, we didn’t address what we will do………Can you look at this again and take a closer look at what the professor is asking for as part of the answer to 5.3. I am just guessing at what the professor wants, it is not clear. It is not also clear about what he/she wants by the instruction: “Do not refer to yourself as the researcher. The proposal must be written in third person.” Well, the fact that we are using “the researcher” to refer to yourself is writing in the third person. And obviously, in 5.1 to 5.3, we are referring to you personally because we are talking of what training you had, what past and new experiences. So in case he/she talks about this, at least you know where we are coming from – “the researcher” necessarily refers to you, or else we will be talking about a hypothetical researcher with hypothetical training and experiences. But anyway, here is the best attempt for 5.3 given the prof’s clarification: For the interview method, the researcher has no specialized training or experience other than that acquired in school work during previous courses taken. In preparation for conducting the interview, the researcher shall conduct a review of the available academic literature and past interviews conducted among managers and practitioners on crisis management. The researcher shall also acquire vital background information on the processes and operations in oil and gas companies which may be the sources of hazards, accidents and crises. This information will be of use when the interviewees mention aspects or details of their operations which directly bear on crisis management. For the document search, the researcher’s experience on this has been acquired largely through earlier academic courses where fact-finding research was required. The researcher shall use mostly online search and internet surfing methods to locate published articles and documents online, including company reports issued to investors or submitted to government agencies (e.g., ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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