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Creativity is an essential part of human life. It’s what makes us different from other creatures; the ability to think differently, come up with new innovative thoughts and ways of doing things. It is the reason birds still build their homes in the same way they did centuries ago, while we have progressed from caves to skyscrapers…
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Personal Creativity
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Download file to see previous pages It is creativity that gives meaning to our lives and it is during the process of creation that we feel life in its highest, most enjoyable form i.e. we feel happy and fulfilled at not only being connected to the highest being of the universe but also being able to benefit the existing universe as a result.
But what exactly is Creativity? Is it found in a special class of human beings or is it a quality we all posses? Some definitions of ‘creativity’ explain that the idea behind the term is the conceiving of a new idea.’
“The word creativity is a noun naming a phenomenon in which a person communicates a new concept (which is the product). Mental activity (or mental process) is implicit in the definition.” (Rhodes, n.d.).
‘Creativity involves being imaginative,
going beyond the obvious, being aware of one’s own unconventionality, being original
in some way.”
(Craft, 2000)
“Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing.” (Naiman, 2011)
Contrary to common belief, we are all involved in various acts of creativity without realizing it. Without creativity, not only would our lives be empty, it may even be a continuous downward spiral as life needs creative input. At every step of our lives we have to do something new to change for the better. It can be as simple as trying out a new route to work in order to create a shortcut and save time. Or taking the risk of adding an extra ingredient to enhance the taste of something you’re cooking. Creativity is not accepting things just as they are, but in order to improve them, striving for new ideas. Thus creativity is present in all of us at some level and it comes to use when there is some problem to be solved. According to Nomura Institute of Japan, we are presently living in the era of Creativity, where constant innovation is required for us to be able to survive (Naiman, 2011). This statement proves itself as we take a look around and see how the economy and the competitiveness surrounded by it have resulted in a need for change in all fields of work. Followed by the Agricultural, the Industrial and then the Informational age (Naiman, 2011), the age of Creativity looks for the New and the most Efficient. In this age anything, even a light bulb that produces less than it is given as an input, will be thrown out of the race and only the fittest will survive. Therefore every field of knowledge has increased pressure on research to keep up, and thus we see a faster pace of development. Along with the quantity we also have much better quality. With economic and environmental sustainability in mind, more responsible technology, education, designs and services are produced in all areas of life. In spite of what I’ve said about the everyday nature of creativity, when it comes to the working environment, where there is competition, not everyone stands at the same level. There are the original genius’s who seem to make everything work in ways so simple they surprise us. Then there are others who have followed every rule, have stuck to routines that ensure maximum productive time and yet they’re work, although detailed and complete fails to bring to attention anything new, thus lacks creativity. This can be very commonly observed in creative fields such as art and design of which I am a part and have worked through various types of creative processes. People who are more creative in nature than others usually have a certain type of personality i.e. they have certain traits that distinguish them from others. The first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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