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Managing Performance in Operations - Apple Inc - Essay Example

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Managing Performance in Operations - Apple Inc. Name COMPANY PROFILE: Originating in 1997, Apple incorporation has become a world leader in the manufacturing and design of mobile communication and media devices, Music players, personal Computers etc…
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Managing Performance in Operations - Apple Inc
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Download file to see previous pages It sells a large amount of its product line through its online retail stores. The company also tries to cater to a large chunk of education market by offering education gadgets to the students both online and through retail (Apple computer, 2005). The operations of the company are spread throughout America, Europe, Japan, and Asia-Pacific as well as the Middle East and some parts of Africa. The company policy lays a lot of stress on its value chain and every operational activity done by the company is in compliance with the code of Operations (Finkle & Mallin, 2010) ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY AT APPLE: The company has grown from a starting point to become the best company of the world. The stock performance of the company gives a very clear idea about the strategies used by the company. On the very basics, the company is committed to improve customers’ lifestyle by developing the best PC gadgets, Music players and other cellular communication devices. The target market of the company is the students, businessmen, educators, and even governmental agencies for the industrial products. In such a case, the company emphasizes on a business strategy that focuses on the ability to design and develop in-house operating systems, application software, hardware and other tangible and intangible products. Seamless integration of the applications and innovative designs are a critical part of Apple’s manufacturing policy. The company lays a strong emphasis on continual improvement and innovation in its product line and other business strategies. Research and Development form the focus of the executives of the company who work on the ideology that that in order to survive and foster, people should think differently and create imaginations. As a result the company keeps on revitalizing its gadgets and digital consumer electronics (O’ Grady, 2009). The company also integrates various third party applications in its product mix. Many accessories of for Mac computers, ipods, and iphones are injected into the market by third-party ventures. Another business strategy employed by the company is the expansion of the distribution network and expands the customer base by focusing on customer satisfaction. These strategies have enabled the company to introduce new products in the market and gain a competitive edge over its competitors (Blackwell, 1987). When in 1999, the company introduced the ibook, its product matrix got complete. The company could now offer a desktop as well as a portable computer with a highly capable operating system. At several instances, the company has acquired several small SME’s that have been playing in its market. This strategy has enabled the company to gain a competitive edge in the market and maintain and foster its presence. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION: One of the main reasons for the standout performance of the company in the global market is the product differentiation strategy in company’s operations. The company staff is very conscious to reduce the similarities among not only the competitor products but also the product line of the company itself. The company has built a reputation by making the state of the art technologies that are user friendly and extremely solution bound. In the industry where the company is operating, the importance of product differentiation acts like a barrier for new entrants. This tool is fully utilized by the company as a part of its corporate strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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