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Is Sims Metal Management making the right strategic initiatives in the metal recycling industry - Dissertation Example

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Title Is Sims Metal Management making the right strategic initiatives in the metal recycling industry? Abstract The research has been conducted on Sims Metal Management of UK that primarily deals in recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. With the economic downturn, the industry was severely affected and so was Sims…
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Is Sims Metal Management making the right strategic initiatives in the metal recycling industry
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Extract of sample "Is Sims Metal Management making the right strategic initiatives in the metal recycling industry"

Download file to see previous pages The research was conducted using questionnaire method on the employees, which were 32 in all. The results reveals that the firm has not been practising CSR internally but tries making an external image of a good corporate firm. Moreover, the firm has been indulging in growth strategies with acquisitions, mergers and diversification. The employees also shed a light on how beneficial these strategic moves may be for the firm and whether the firm is taking care of its employees or not. Towards the end recommendations like, taking safety measures for employees, being informed about legislations in the global industry, forming an emergency unit, technological advancements and employee training has been given. Table of contents Chapter 1-Interduction 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Background 1 1.3 Purpose of the research 1 1.4 Research problem 2 1.5 Research methodology 2 1.6 Aims and Objectives 3 1.7 Layout of the report 3 1.8 Validity limits 4 Chapter 2-Literature Review 2.1Introduction 5 2.1Industry Overview 5 2.3 Sims Metal Management Metal Management 6 2.4 Competitive analysis 7 2.5 Demand for recyclable metal 8 2.6 International business management 9 2.7 Supply chain and metal recycling 9 2.8 Pestle analysis 11 2.8.1 Political/legal environment 11 Regulations 12 2.8.2 Social Environment 12 2.8.3 Economic environment 13 2.8.4 Economic risks involved 13 2.8.5 Ecological environment 14 Structured changes 14 2.8.6 Technological advancement 15 2.9 SWOT analysis 15 2.9.1. Strengths 15 Strong structure 15 Business development 16 2.9.2 Weakness 16 Insufficient safety measures 16 Ineffective management 17 Complicated legislations 17 2.9.3 Opportunities 17 New markets 17 New recycling units 18 environmental consciousness 18 Efficient processes 18 Incorporate technology 19 2.9.4 Threats 19 Industry threats and prices 19 Developing countries 20 The legislative barriers 20 Chapter 3- Methodology 21 3.1 Introduction 21 3.2 Research Paradigm 21 3.3 Questionnaire method 22 3.4 Sample 22 3.4.1 Sample selection 23 3.5 Questionnaire 24 3.6 Data analysis 24 3.7 Privacy of the subjects 24 3.7 Trustworthiness of the methodology used 25 3.8.1 Reliability 25 3.8.2 Validity 25 3.8.3 Ethical validity 26 3.8.4 Generalized validity 26 Chapter 4 Data analysis 27 4.1 Introduction 27 4.2 Internal environment of Sims Group UK 27 4.3 Is the firm growing in the right direction in the economic downturn? 33 4.4 Technological incorporation in the firm 35 Chapter 5-Conclusion and Recommendations 37 5.1 Conclusion 37 5.2 Recommendations 40 5.2.1 stringent safety standards 40 5.2.1 Emergency unit 40 5.2.2 Business strategies 40 5.2.3 growth strategies 41 5.2.4 employee training 41 5.2.5 Technological advancement 41 5.2.6 CSR 41 5.2.7 Legislative information 42 5.3 Limitations of the Research 42 Appendix 43 References 45 Chapter 1-Interduction 1.1 Introduction In chapter 1, the author gives a detailed account of the research topic explaining why it was chosen. The background of the research is also given along with the reasons why the research was conducted. The methodology of the research has been given in detail along with the research paper layout. 1.2 Background According to Eddolls (2012), Sims Metal Management is an Australian based global concern that recycles metal. The firm has 42 recycling plants in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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