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Company Evaluation: Agrium Company - Research Paper Example

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Established in 1931, as Cominco Fertilizers Limited (Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company Limited), the company changed its name to Agrium in 1995. Agrium Inc is the main supplier of agricultural products and services in South and North America. …
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Company Evaluation: Agrium Company
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Download file to see previous pages Established in 1931, as Cominco Fertilizers Limited (Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company Limited), the company changed its name to Agrium in 1995. Agrium Inc is the main supplier of agricultural products and services in South and North America. On the global perspective, Agrium Inc is a major player in wholesale production and marketing of three major agricultural products, namely, agricultural nutrients, industrial products and specialty fertilizers. The company supplies specialty fertilizers in North America by use of advanced technologies in the business unit (Agrium, 2005). This Canadian company has operations in three fronts, retail, wholesale and Agrium advanced technologies. The headquarters of the company is in Calgary, a town in Canada and has a subsidiary branch in Denver, a town in Colorado. This is the location of the company’s head office in retail. The company takes every available opportunity in improving the performance of crops in the field, market share of the company and growth of its business operations. In this respect over the last decade, the company has seen expansions in its operations and undertakings. For instance, in 1969, the company opened potash operations in Vanscoy and later on built Fort Saskatchewan plant in Alberta. The significance of this was to increase the company’s revenue stream by exporting Potash from Saskatchewan. After changing its name to Agrium in 1995, it took West farm services and Nu west industries. Agrium Company is proud of its achievements and its expansion strategies. These strategies are within a framework of financial discipline which is the corners stone of its long term operations. The company equally encourages its staff to grow within the ranks of the establishment as it pursues means and ways of making the organization a good place to work. Markets and Products Agrium Company produces and markets three groups of agricultural nutrients, namely; potash, nitrogen and phosphate. The company produces and markets fertilizers and micro-nutrients. Agrium Company bases its operation across the entire-agricultural value-chain. This means that the company manufactures the products, distributes them to retailers or sells directly to the fields where customers use their products and services on technology commonly referred to as Agrium Advanced Technology. On wholesale, the company produces and distributes potash, nitrogen and phosphate for industrial and agricultural customers around the globe. The particular target groups in its wholesale market are grower’s oilseeds, grains and other crops whose objectives are to enhance crop yields and quality. Around 15% of Agrium sales come from this unit (Chee, 1996). In retail, the company distributes seeds and provides agricultural crop protection services to farmers in order to help them achieve better crop yields. This unit is responsible for supplying crop nutrients, crop production products and services directly to customers in its 872 retail centres, 19 distribution centres and 72 terminals in Chile, Canada, Argentina and United States of America. The target groups of this sector are farmers who want to meet the increasing demand of nutritious food in South and North American markets. The company has certified crop advisors who directly work with growers to provide consultancy services on how to effectively administer crop management program by use of its products. Through its Agrium Advanced Technology, the company the company offers environmentally controlled release fertilizers and products which are in relation to agriculture, consumer lawns and professional turf (Agrium, 2010). The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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