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The music business has changed radically. Can an employee whos been an Industry Legend Keep Up - Essay Example

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The paper presents an example of ethical dilemma that Powerful Entertainment Company executives face in making decisions that is on whether to lay Bob off or keep him. Noel argues that Bob has been in the company for so long as the sales managers although at present he is not selling anything…
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The music business has changed radically. Can an employee whos been an Industry Legend Keep Up
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Extract of sample "The music business has changed radically. Can an employee whos been an Industry Legend Keep Up"

Download file to see previous pages Helping business managers make rational decisions when faced with an ethical dilemma calls for determination and sophistication (McCullough and Faught, 2005). In the case study of Powerful Entertainment, the major ethical dilemma facing Noel Klein, the company’s CEO is on whether to lay Bob off or keep him. Noel argues that Bob has been in the company for so long as the sales managers although at present he is not selling anything. Despite the great changes in the industry within which Bob operates over the past 20 years, Bob has not changed at all (Guterman, 2010). He does not know anything about digital marketing although technology is moving towards this. Moreover he does not add to the sales of the company although he is the highest paid employee in the company. The CEO argues that Bob is taking up a vacancy for another sales person who would be able to achieve the targets. On the other hand, Bob has so much to offer to the company. Noel concedes that he has valuable interpersonal skills. Bob is an icon in the company linking it to the past. Furthermore, he is the one responsible of keeping Mark Sender in the company. Mark Sender is an important figure in the company since he helps make almost 30 percent more revenues than other performers (Guterman, 2010). The other reason that makes it had for the CEO to decide on the way to handle Bob is given the fact that he is loved by most employees and therefore his exit may lead to loss of other critical employees or affect their effectiveness. He motivates other employees to work although this cannot be quantified. He is imaginative and adored by other workers and young employees have a lot to learn from him. Rita who has called upon by the CEO is expected to give her decision on the case of Bob Antice....
This research is the best example of comparison of the utilitarian, libertarian, deontological and virtue ethics perspective on the ethical dilemma facing Powerful Company. From an evaluation of the different ethical perspectives, the researcher proposes that Noel should adopt a combination of utilitarian and libertarian perspective to demystify the ethical dilemma facing the company. By employing the utilitarian perspective, the CEO would take time to evaluate the impacts of his actions. Utilitarian perspective like a social cost benefit analysis carries out any evaluation of the impacts of an action before it is implemented to help avoid costly mistakes in the process of making decisions. As such the CEO would be able to quantify the impacts of sacking Bob for not achieving the sales targets in relation to his benefits to the company. Since the perspective views the good of an individual as independent from their rights, it would be easy to conclude on whether to replace Bob or retain him in the organization. If his value in the organization does not match the pay, he should be replaced. From a libertarian perspective, Noel’s decision should be geared towards ensuring that maximum benefits to the shareholders of the company. In light of this statement, the decision adopted must ensure there will be maximum returns to the shareholders. From this perspective, it would be critical to evaluate the value of Bob to the company, does he actually motivate staff? Or does he help young guys to the company learn and how the two add value to company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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