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Business Research Methods - Essay Example

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The research was carried out to determine students and industrials expectations and assumptions about the necessary attributes of employees in the hospitality industry. Survey method was conducted in a population of 137 students and 87 managers in the industry in order to get the different opinions on the value of a degree in hospitality. …
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Business Research Methods
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Download file to see previous pages The results obtained showed that both held very different views. One of the limitations of the study was poor response from the General Managers in the hotels. More research on the views of general managers should be conducted. The main of the industry and educators is to tackle and minimize the gap between managers and students.
Among the fastest growing New Zealand industries is the hospitality industry. Between 2008 and 2015, the ministry of tourism expects the number of visitors to increase by 18.6% in spite of the general drop in the economy of the whole world. This in turn will lead to increased expenditure in the tourist sector that is expected to rise by 4% within the same period. In 2008, the total expenditure $14 billion, is expected to increase up to $18 billion by 2015. Based on the above data, the New Zealand tourist industry is doing well. More qualified and knowledgeable hospitality employees are needed to serve the large numbers of visitors in the country (Brien 2004, p. 10).
O’Mahony and Sillitoe (2001, p. 264) argues that the hospitality industry does not put much emphasis on the qualifications in the sector when recruiting new employees. The industry values experienced employees who lack educational qualifications than educated people who have degrees in the industry. Graduates are disadvantaged when it comes to job competition with experienced people. James and Holden (2000, p. 265), assert that the hospitality industry is against the general expectation that pursuing a degree in a specific field is an added advantage to graduates because it is easy for them to secure themselves good places. Employing people based on qualification is a disadvantage to graduates most of who lack experience (Li & Leung 2001, p.190). Research Question When recruiting employees, the industry should not base on an individual's qualifications because this alone may not offer good results. Other factors like job experience, gender and age also affect career prospects. The aim of this paper is to determine how degrees affect the ability of graduates to secure good positions in employment that can earn them good salaries as well as the qualities that hospitality employees should have. Data collected from students and hotel managers on issues related advantages of degrees is used to analyze and evaluate the value of management degree in hospitality. Auckland University of Technology (AUT) students’ holding a degree in the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management and managers from six different hotels in New Zealand were used to carry out the study. Literature Review The author of this article reviewed a good number of resources to get information related to the topic. Brien (2004, p. 15) and Harkison (2004a, p. 22), argue that graduates expectation of getting to senior management positions immediately after graduating is not met. Students expect to replace hotel managers who are usually at their thirties and fortes and therefore about to retire. New Zealand’s hospitality industry is mainly composed of young people such that those who go on after the age of twenty are likely to attain higher positions than their young counterparts are. In the study conducted in Auckland, out of five hundred and thirty four employees, most of the managers were between the ages of 30 and 39 whereas supervisors and staff aged between 20 and 24. Most of the seniors were above the age of 25 years with an experience of more than five years and had educational qualification (Poulston 2006, p.25). Studies conducted to determine the qualifications that a manager should have vary greatly. People have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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