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How Market, and Societal, Trends and Pressures are reflected in the Contemporary Facility - Speech or Presentation Example

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How Market, and Societal, Trends and Pressures are reflected in the Contemporary Facility Name College Course Date Discussion The hierarchy of needs concept postulated by Abraham Maslow explains that there are five needs that motivate all humans. These needs are arranged in a pyramid and an individual achieves satisfaction in ascending order up the pyramid…
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How Market, and Societal, Trends and Pressures are reflected in the Contemporary Facility
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Download file to see previous pages Hospitality industry is undergoing transformation such that new designs strive to achieve higher levels of needs. Maslow’s model (Goff, 2005) Competition between small and big hotels for market share fueled mass movement from offering the basic needs to high standards by the big hotels (Goff, 2005). Design of high class beds, sophisticated shower systems, high quality towels and entire upgrade of the accommodation facilities was adopted by big hotels among them Hilton and Marriott. In the past many people while traveling, what came first when choosing a place to stay was whether basic things such as safety, security and comfort. However the modern guest focuses on facilities such as affordable Wi-Fi hotspot (Goff, 2005). Therefore, there is a need for the interior designer of hospitality to cater for the high level needs of such guests. This trend clearly justifies analysis based on the Maslow’s model and every design of old or new facility in the hospitality industry should be founded on it. Introduction Contemporary hospitality facilities such as hotels have moved from being just accommodation and recreation places to being fully integrated guest experience that caters for unique tastes and preference of every individual. Currently, hotel architectural designs deal with customer experience because hospitality consumers have power to information and they get exactly what they want thanks to social media. Projects are recognized as innovative and forward looking based on the ability to address customer experience. They should be thoroughly thought and well designed to achieve the unique touch, taste and experience of individual guests. First impression is always crucial and design of places like lobby is given priority. For example most guests prefer natural light and hotels lately adopt natural lighting designs. Modern designs also have to meet the taste of the employees. This brings about employee motivation and thus impacting on a good customer service and improve the overall image of the hotel .Historically focus was put on the public sections of a hotel facility but recently more emphasis has been put in other areas like the support space. Concentrating on uplifting the standards of living of the staff creates a sense of belonging and gives confidence and enough time for them to help guest achieve their experience. The relationship between the three people in a hospitality setting that is the employer, staff and the guests is very crucial. Self-actualization should influence hospitality facility design in such a manner that all these people satisfy their experiences and needs. In the emerging markets, namely; China, India and Brazil, provision of up-scale products may lead to oversupply and there is a need to design new products for instance mid-market and budget products (Gustafson, 2001). During economic recession demand for such products is high and companies in the hospitality industry should shift focus to this area in order to tap the potential of a booming business brought about by middle-income earners and people living within budget and still want to explore hospitality products and services. It should be noted that almost half of the people in the world are middle class and they all need hotels and other hospitality facilities. Hospitality multinational groups are moving towards the emerging mark ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Market, and Societal, Trends and Pressures Are Reflected in the Speech or Presentation.
“How Market, and Societal, Trends and Pressures Are Reflected in the Speech or Presentation”, n.d.
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